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Court date after unusual protest


A Tasmanian artist's protest against duck shooting has fallen foul of Tasmania's Parks and Wildlife Service.

Yvette Watt has been charged with not complying with a permit, after the stage used for her 'Duck Lake' protest at the start of the 2016 season was moved onto the water at Moulting Lagoon.

Ms Watt choreographed a ballet that saw six dancers in pink tutus and hard hats dancing to music from 'Swan Lake'.

Animals Tasmania spokesman Chris Simcox claims the legal proceeding is a waste of resources.

"I am truly stunned that the department who should be protecting our native wildlife is using their limited resources to pursue legal charges over this peaceful performance.

"To take up the time of the authorities and Parks and Wildlife staff over such a minor matter is just crazy, especially when they cannot properly police the annual slaughter of native ducks," Mr Simcox said.

The case will be heard in April.

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