The joker is on City of Hobart - Batman refuses to reveal identity

Instead of quietly making arrangements with the person who was quick to register the facebook handle @HobartCityCouncil first, the City of Hobart - who have been forced to claim the handle @CityOfHobartOfficial - have gone public with their plight to unmask the person behind the page.

The anonymous Batman, as the operator of the page is known, posts satirical news, which Mayor of Hobart, Sue Hickey believes could be mistakenly considered real by visitors to the page.

Brian Carlton shares his thoughts on the story, claiming the City of Hobart have made “a strategic error” by making the story public, as it will encourage more people to view the fake page - which currently has over 1,000 more likes - instead of their own.

“Any organisation…that stands up and tries to have a crack at a parody site - someone taking the mickey out of them - will always come off second best,” Brian says.

– which  currently has over 1,000 more likes –

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