Don't dis Lambie on Ulverstone Hospital, says Economist Saul Eslake

Jacqui Lambie's proposal of a new hospital to be built in Ulverstone has gained mixed reactions from the community, who have concerns for the ongoing federal funding of the Mersey Community Hospital.

Brian Carlton speaks to Economist Saul Eslake, who unexpectedly backs Jackie's plan.

"While I don't often find myself agreeing with Senator Lambie about many things, in this particular instance, having a study...might be an important form of insurance against making any silly decisions in haste,"

Commenting on talk that the State Government are looking to purchase TasWater, Mr. Eslake states they should be seriously taking it into consideration.

"[A take over] may well be a sensible solution to the long term problem of bringing Tasmania's drinking water and sewerage system up to first world standards, where they should be," Mr. Eslake says.

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