Positions vacant on AHPRA board - What's going on? Asks Dr. Gary Fettke

Getting banned for doing your job sounds like a bad joke.

But that was the reality for orthopaedic surgeon Gary Fettke, who was banned from giving nutritional advice to patients, by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

After being forced to remove limbs from patients with Type 2 Diabetes, Dr. Fettke was advising these patients to lower their sugar intake.

Months later, positions on the AHPRA board are vacant, which poses the question, were these board members shamed into resignation by this decision?

Speaking to Brian Carlton in the Tas Talks studio, Dr. Gary Fettke discusses his work, and the nutrition facility set up by he and his wife.

"We set up Nutrition for Life because that facility wasn't available anywhere in Tasmania, let alone the Southern Hemisphere,"

“To clarify, I referred 28 patients out of 1100...88 doctors are referring to the centre, so I'm clearly not over servicing,"

"We have no financial vested interest in that centre...this is an investment in community health," he says.

Dr. Fettke says that the patients he has given nutrition advice to have seen a great improvement in their health.

“I get...virtually everyday...these stories of people...changing their lives around. This is too important. I can’t stay quiet.”

Dr. Fettke has since released the following statement to Tasmania Talks, clarifying the details of the vacancies on the Tasmanian Medical Board, as referenced from here and here.

AHPRA have advertised ‘to fill’ 11 vacant positions on the Tasmanian Medical Board. This is an unprecedented number since the inception of AHPRA in 2010. These positions have been advertised as a ‘recruitment round’ rather than triennial vacancies. Calculating triennial vacancies would account for a maximum of only 5 of the 11 vacancies.”

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