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Australia's premier rural event is here and it has been taken up a notch this year... All the way up to the clouds!

It's back as you've never seen it before, AGFEST 2020 has moved to the clouds!

Find it online at and listen in as we cover all things AGFEST. We'll be showcasing on air and online some of the awesome offerings.

It may look a little different but AGFEST still has so much to offer. Whether you’re a farmer, or have never set foot on a farm, EVERYONE will find something they enjoy at Agfest!

Thanks to AGFEST and Rural Youth.

Click on an exhibitor below to learn more about them:

At Seasol we are in the business of growing and nurturing! And not just plants, but strong communities, a happy healthy workplace and a sustainable environment. We think everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy some kind of garden or grow their own food and to do it naturally. We want...
Komatsu is the number 1 construction size machinery supplier in Tasmania and has been for 5 years running. We are a major supplier of all types of machinery including excavators, wheel loaders, dozers, graders and dump trucks, starting at 1.8 tonne and ranging up to 800 tonne in weight. We have branches...
Upper Murray Seeds is a family-owned Australian company established in 1993 to create a vertically integrated seed business. We offer our customers everything from seed production, multiplication and processing to agronomy advice, mixing and despatching quality seed. Four generations of the Sutherland family have been involved in the business which produces and...
Life. It’s health. It’s reproduction. Calving, farrowing, laying, hatching. It’s milk. It’s growth. It’s animals feeding the hands that feed them. Jefo is a circle of life. Programs and solutionsRuminants are very sensitive animals and unexpected changes can significantly decrease milk production, affect the reproduction cycle or jeopardize animal health. At...

Where to Listen

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