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Upper Murray Seeds

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Upper Murray Seeds is a family-owned Australian company established in 1993 to create a vertically integrated seed business.

We offer our customers everything from seed production, multiplication and processing to agronomy advice, mixing and despatching quality seed.

Four generations of the Sutherland family have been involved in the business which produces and markets Australian bred and grown seed. Initially Upper Murray Seeds concentrated on domestic sales, but we are now a significant exporter and importer of seed.

Upper Murray Seeds researches, develops, breeds, grows, produces and markets more than 50 different varieties of commercial seeds including a wide range of grasses, cereals, legumes and brassicas.

We are heavily invested in Tasmania with research and development, production, seed cleaning and sales.

Listen as Stewart Sutherland, Director of Upper Murray Seeds and Joshua Molendyk, Tasmania Production & Sales Manager for Upper Murray Seeds, join Aaron Stevens to discuss their products.

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