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Jefo Australia

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Life. It’s health. It’s reproduction. Calving, farrowing, laying, hatching. It’s milk. It’s growth. It’s animals feeding the hands that feed them. Jefo is a circle of life.

Programs and solutions
Ruminants are very sensitive animals and unexpected changes can significantly decrease milk production, affect the reproduction cycle or jeopardize animal health. At Jefo, we understand the challenges you face and we can help you to obtain maximum value from your feed strategy.

Our specialists have developed specific programs for ruminants based on applied scientific curiosity and practical knowledge, while dealing with a vast diversity of issues, climate, and management systems worldwide.


  • Jefo Care – Health & Prevention
  • Jefo Peak – Performance & Production
  • Jefo Cycle – Reproduction

Our science
Through its applied scientific curiosity, Jefo continues to innovate and develop nutritional solutions that take into account the genetic make-up, physiology and metabolism of each species, as well as the dynamic requirements of each market.

Listen as Wayne Bradshaw, Partner and Sales Director for Australia and New Zealand at Jefo Australia, joins Aaron Stevens to discuss their Agfest specials:

For more information visit us at our Agfest in the Cloud site and on our website. For more information about the $300 cow offer, click here.

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Where to Listen

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