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At Seasol we are in the business of growing and nurturing! And not just plants, but strong communities, a happy healthy workplace and a sustainable environment.

We think everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy some kind of garden or grow their own food and to do it naturally. We want every kid to get their hands dirty and discover that tomatoes don’t grow in the supermarket. And we want all of you to feel confident that you can create a beautiful garden in the wet, the dry and everything in between. So we make products to help you do just that.

Beyond the home garden, our products have been trialled and tested in fields by farmers, orchardists and commercial growers who have been using our products for over 40 years.

Listen as Aaron Stevens is joined by Sam Bye, National Key Account Manager for Horticulture & Agriculture at Seasol, to discuss their products and being named Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand in Home Gardening:

For more information visit us at our Agfest in the Cloud site and our website.

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