Lambie refuses to back Omnibus child care arrangement

Bold Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie is back on Tasmania Talks for her weekly Federal Government wrap.

Ms. Lambie speaks with Brian Carlton today about the changes to 18C, the Omnibus Bill, and a controversial weightlifting champion.

On the topic of the reforms to the Racial Discrimination Act, Ms. Lambie believes that there are more important things to be discussed in parliament.

“There are so many big issues on the table, it’s actually overshadowing everything that's really important," she says.

Ms. Lambie also spoke about why she will not support the child care reforms in the Omnibus Bill.

“The easiest solution here is to remove the argumentative points out of the Omnibus, which is probably about 10 or 15% of it, and put the other 85%, give or take...through the senate.”

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