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Be a responsible cat owner and your feline friend may live longer

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If you desex your domestic cat and keep them contained, they may live up to four times longer, according to cat management officer for Kingborough Council, Kaylene Allen.

Whilst many people do not like the idea of keeping their cat contained, this does not mean they are not allowed outside; rather, that there are measures in place to keep them in the confines of your property.

Kaylene is in charge of a new cat management program that has just been introduced on Bruny Island. She talks to Brian Carlton about some of the measures in the program, and the process to containing our feral cat population.

Kitten season in full swing, as dumped cats are found at Launceston museum


18 kittens have arrived at Just Cats in Longford in just five days – some dumped, and some feral cats that were abandoned by their mother.

This time of year is peak kitten season, and a timely reminder to get your cat desexed as soon as possible.

Just Cats also urge people to bring any unwanted to cats to their shelter rather than dump them, such as four kittens that were found in the bushes near Launceston’s QVMAG this week.

Owner of Just Cats, Rachel Beech, speaks to Brian Carlton this morning about recent dumping incidents, and what people should be doing to look after their cats at this time of year.

To donate to Just Cats, you can do so via credit card:, via bank transfers: Just cats Bsb 037608 Act 579574 or by PayPal.

Image: Used with permission

'It was horrific' - Man alleges Baxter pet food killed his dog


A Devonport man is claiming that Baxter dog food killed his beloved pet.

Shayne ‘Cush’ Allison says his five-year-old bull arab, Tank, fell ill and died after eating the dog food brand for the first time.

Cush is now campaigning for Baxter pet food to be taken off shelves in supermarkets.

Brian Carlton talks with Cush about this devastating loss, and why he believes Baxter dog food is to blame.  

'They weren't livestock, they were pets' - owner talks dog attack on sheep and alpacas, ponders dangerous dog laws

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What leads to an animal being declared a dangerous dog?

That’s what Luci Woodland would like to know, after a dog attacked her livestock and killed three sheep and three alpacas. She alleges that she has had past problems with the dogs in question, and wonders why something wasn’t done to stop them before things went too far.

Luci calls in to speak with Brian Carlton on Free Range Friday about the attack, and the measures in place to stop this from happening to someone else.  

'They've broken up a beautiful family' - owner pleads for stolen puppy to be returned

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A North-West Coast woman has pleaded for a stolen puppy to be returned to his family.
Patch was stolen from a farm in Takone last weekend, and being only 13 weeks old, is still drinking milk from his mum and is not immunised.
Patch's father is blind, yet he ran after the vehicle who stole his son. The old cattle dog returned the next day after searching all night, with the pads on his paws raw from running.

Brian Carlton talks to owner of Patch, Lisa, who says that the thieves didn't just steal a puppy - they broke a dogs heart.

'This is destroying me' - Search for missing dog Ruby continues

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Lynne Ellis’ beloved staffy Ruby is still missing.

Ruby went missing from Sheffieldon Friday April 6th after escaping from her backyard, and Lynne believes someone may have picked her up.

Lynne says that the search is ‘destroying her’, but tells Brian Carlton that she still has hope.

She also says that she has been unable to put Ruby on lost pet registers in other states.

Image: Used with permission

‘A million birds a day being killed by feral cats’ says Commissioner

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Over a million birds a day are killed by feral cats, and that’s just the beginning.

Feral cats are becoming an increasing issue in Tasmania, but it seems like no one is sure on the best way to eradicate them – if they can be eradicated at all.

The Threatened Species Commissioner, Dr Sally Box, is working on plans for feral cat management within Tasmania and Australia to prevent more threatened species from becoming extinct.

She speaks with Brian Carlton this morning about what can be done to curb the number of feral cats in Tasmania.

‘Government caught asleep at the wheel’: King Island birds at threat of extinction

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Three Tasmanian bird species are at threat of going extinct without help from the Federal Government.

The King Island scrubtit and King Island brown thornbill, along with the orange bellied swift parrot, have been identified as the top bird species in Australia likely to face extinction without help.

Greens Senator for Tasmania, Peter Whish-Wilson, was astonished when he discovered yesterday the Federal Government is not aware of the plight of these birds, and currently have no plan in place to save them.

Senator Whish-Wilson calls in on Free Range Friday to speak with Brian Carlton about this concerning situation.Image: By Glen Fergus - Own work, Tweed Valley, Australia, CC BY-SA 2.5,

‘Still at a loss as to where they’ve been’ – Missing truffle farm dogs return home


Missing dogs Doug and Poppy have returned home to Tasmanian Truffles in Evandale – but no one is sure where they have been for the past two weeks.

Co-owner of Tasmanian Truffles, Anna Terry, talks to Brian Carlton this morning about the happy return of the dogs, and says that they were sitting on their door at 6am yesterday morning.

It is unclear whether the dogs found their own way home, or if someone dropped them off – if only they could talk! Listen as Anna describes the happy reunion below:

Image: Used with permission.

‘Still no news and it’s 10 days on’: Truffle farm dogs still missing


 It’s been 10 days and Tasmanian Truffle farm dogs Poppy and Doug are still missing.

The two dogs are known for going into the bush for a ‘day off’ once or twice a year, but have not been known to leave the Evandale farm property for this length of time.

Siblings Anna and Henry Terry, former My Kitchen Rules contestants, are the owners of Tasmanian Truffles and are heartbroken that their furry friends are gone. Poppy and Doug are trained to find truffles for Anna, but will only do this for her.

Anna talks to Brian Carlton this morning to talk about the dogs’ disappearance, and says that not knowing where they are is just horrible.

There is a $1000 reward for the return of the dogs, no questions asked.

If you have any information at all, please call  0437 849 283 or 0438 918 212.

Image: Used with permission.

‘We need to get our sh*t together’ – one million species under threat of extinction, says UN report

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‘We need to get our sh*t together’ on animal extinctions, according to Federal Policy Director of the Wilderness Society, Tim Beshara.

A recent report from the United Nations suggests that approximately one million animal species are under threat of extinction, largely due to the growth of the human population, pollution and climate change, to name a few. 

Tim speaks with Brian Carlton this morning about some of the issues facing our animal species, and what should be done to try and prevent these extinctions from occurring.

“Mum seemed to say ‘please help my calf’” – Local tour operator describes whale entangled in rope off East Coast

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Alisha Roper is used to seeing whales on a daily basis off the East Coast’s beautiful Bay of Fires, but a mother and calf sighting yesterday was more concerning than exciting.

The Director of Bay of Fires Eco Tours saw a southern right whale calf entangled in rope, with an orange buoy near its tail. Alisha says she believes the buoy could in fact be a craypot line, which the whale calf would be dragging under the water.


Image: Alisha Roper, Bay of Fires Eco tours Facebook page

Alisha joins Brian Carlton to describe what she saw yesterday, saying that the calf’s mother bobbed beside their boat as if asking for their help. She encourages anyone who sights something orange off the East Coast to call the DPIPWE hotline (below).

If you see the whale in question, please do not attempt to rescue the whale or approach within 100 metres. You can report sightings to DPIPWE on 0427 942 537.

“Strong possibility” the Tasmanian Tiger still exists, says Wildlife Adventurer

Tasmanian wolf

A wildlife adventurer from California believes the Tasmanian Tiger could still exist.

Forrest Galante is the host of Animal Planet’s Extinct or Alive, and focuses on finding proof that animals we previously thought were gone, actually do still exist. Galante has had more than one win in this area already, getting video footage of a rare Zanzibar leopard in Africa.

Forrest joins Brian Carlton from Santa Barbara, California, this morning to talk about what he found out about the Tasmanian Tiger on his trip to Australia last year.

Extinct or Alive will premiere on the Discovery Channel on Saturday, July 21. 

By Benjamin A. Sheppard. -, Public Domain,

5/6 Puppies sold online reunited with mum; pleas for remaining dog to be returned

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Five of the six puppies taken from their mother and sold on Gumtree have been returned to their mother.

However, this leaves one puppy still remaining.

Emma Haswell from Brightside Farm Sanctuary has taken on the task of reuniting the puppies with their mother, and tells Brian Carlton that the remaining puppy will likely die if it isn’t returned to its mother soon.  

Brian also makes a generous donation, with a plea for the dog to be returned.  

Alleged bee hive poisoner in Prospect

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There could allegedly be a perpetrator poisoning bee hives in the Prospect area.

Ron from Prospect is a bee-keeper, and says he has lost $4,000 in product over the last few weeks, after his hives were allegedly targeted.

He says this is also happening to other bee-keepers in the Prospect area.

Listen as he explains the situation to Brian Carlton:

Appeal to return sold puppies to mother


Did you buy one of these puppies?

Brightside Farm Sanctuary is pleading with anyone who has bought a ridgeback- staffy cross on Gumtree to return them to Brightside Farm and their mother immediately.

The six dogs were sold at only 3.5 weeks old, and need their mother’s milk to survive. Some of those who bought a puppy were told that the mother had died, so they did not realise they were doing the wrong thing.

Two of the four puppies have currently been returned, one is being picked up tonight, and the other three are still unaccounted for. There is a $200 reward being offered for returning the puppies. 

Founder and Manager of Brightside Farm Sanctuary, Emma Haswell, talks with Brian Carlton about this awful situation.

Image: Used with permission

Baby Beefalo causes waves at Wings Wildlife Park

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Wings Wildlife Park has a new family member: a ‘beefalo’ calf.

The calf is the result of an American bison bull bred with an Angus cow. Owner of Wings Wildlife Park, Colin Wing, initially wanted to breed the bison bull with bison cows. But after an issue with importing the bison cows, Colin decided to try something a bit different.

Colin talks to Rick Fontyn this morning about this quirky animal, and says that this is what happens when an old farmer has nothing to do in his retirement.

Be aware of how best to care for bushfire-affected wildlife in the coming weeks, says Bonorong

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Many of our furry friends have lost their homes as a result of the bushfires currently raging.

Whilst animal sanctuaries such as Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary in Brighton say they haven’t seen a huge intake of bushfire-affected animals in their care, it’s important to remember these animals as the fires begin to settle down and they return to their homes.

Greg Irons, Director of Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, joins Brian Carlton to talk about some of the steps you can take if you see some displaced wildlife, including leaving out water and taking a strategic approach to food.

Become a penguin guide for a flippin' good time


 Calling all want-to-be volunteer penguin guides.

The Friends of Burnie Penguin and Friends of Lillico Penguins are looking for volunteers to become guides for the upcoming Little Penguin season.

No experience or knowledge of penguins is necessary, but a training day will be held for those interested.

Secretary of Friends of Burnie Penguins, Evelyn Devito, chats with Brian Carlton about becoming a guide and the upcoming Little Penguin season.  

Image" By JJ Harrison ([email protected]) (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Beloved pet killed in savage dog attack


Imagine if your beloved pet dog was torn apart in a savage attack right in front of you.

That was the case for Jason Palmer and his partner, who lost their Pomeranian x chihuahua on the weekend in a savage dog attack.

Jason believes that if complaints against his neighbours dogs had been followed up, then his dog wouldn’t be dead.

Listen as he explains the situation to Brian Carlton.

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