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Mt Roland Cableway gets tick of approval

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The Mt Roland Cableway project is one step closer to becoming a reality, with approval from the State Government granted today for the use of Crown Land.

This is one small step of the process to getting a cableway and adventure precinct underway on Mt Roland, but will now allow the proponents to put some actual details around the plans, rather than just having concepts.

Justin Carman, Director of Mt Roland Cableway, speaks to Brian Carlton this morning about what this means for the project and what the next step is.

Image: By CucombreLibre, CC BY 2.0,

Plan to allow victims of crime to access the superannuation of offenders

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Should victims of crime have access to the superannuation of the person who committed the offence against them?

That’s what the Federal Government is arguing, with public submissions currently open on the new policy. A victim currently has the right to access a perpetrators assets, however there have been cases of wealthy offenders hiding their assets in their super.

Minister for Revenue and Financial Services, Kelly O’Dwyer, is in Tasmania today, and joins Brian Carlton to speak about the policy.

They also discuss the Government’s proposed tax cuts, criminal charges laid on big banks, Bill Shorten’s tax plans, and the taskforce to end the tobacco black market.

'GST on welfare' – new GST plan revealed

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The new plan for the GST carve-up has been handed down, and Brian Carlton calls it ‘putting the GST on welfare.’

This is because it is constantly referred to as a ‘broken’ system, and will receive handouts from the Commonwealth over the next few years to ensure no state is worse off.

Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison calls in to discuss with Brian how this new GST plan will work.

Image: By Martin Kingsley from Melbourne, Australia (Cashmoney) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

‘… I pick myself up, but today I’m flat as a pancake,’ – Penguin Caltex owner deflated over burglary

police tape

The owner of the Penguin Caltex is deflated after the fourth burglary in ten years at her business.

Kerrie-Anne Cobbing knows the drill by now, and when she came to work at 6:30am on Monday morning and realised the door had been opened, she knew to call the police straight away.

Kerrie-Anne talks to Brian Carlton this morning about the devastating break-in and says that she absolutely loves the place, but wonders how much longer she can keep putting up with these incidents.

‘Small business is the heart of the community’ – TCCI launch Braddon Business Campaign

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The Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce (TCCI) will launch their Braddon Business Campaign in Burnie this morning.

CEO of the TCCI, Michael Bailey, says that small business is the heart of the community, and that whoever becomes Member for Braddon need to assure small businesses of certain policies.

Mr Bailey speaks to Brian Carlton about some of the policies the TCCI want confirmed by both parties before the end of the Braddon by-election.

‘We can compete against the others’ says DCCI on Qantas Pilot Academy bid

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The Devonport Chamber of Commerce (DCCI) is confident that their bid for the Qantas Pilot Academy will hold up against interstate competitors.

Whilst Devonport and Launceston Airports have been at odds over who would be best to house the Academy in Tasmania, they face tough competition from cities such as Tamworth and Mackay.

President of DCCI, Stacey Sheehan, speaks with Brian Carlton about the bid for the training academy, which she says is due on June 8.

‘We’ve got some difficult times ahead of us’, says Poppy Growers Chief Executive

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Tasmanian agriculture is booming, but things aren’t necessarily greener on the other side for poppy growers at the moment.

An effective US crackdown on codeine drugs has caused some challenging market positions for Tasmanian poppy farmers, many of whom are looking to get into other markets just to stay afloat.

Chief Executive of Poppy Growers Tasmania, Keith Rice, says that the next 12 months are critical for farmers. However, if the market keeps going the way that it is, Mr Rice warns that it may become unsustainable for poppy growers in Tasmania.

“Minority Govt is not good for business” - TCCI will continue to ‘rattle the cage’

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Minority government as a result of the state election would be a concern for business, according to President of the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Michael Bailey.

Joining Brian Carlton in the studio, Mr Bailey says he will continue to ‘rattle the cage’ in order to get the best deal for businesses in the state.

Mr Bailey discusses with Brian Carlton the five rules he would like to see parties follow if Tasmania ends up with a minority government.

$45m Asia contract just the beginning for Tamar Hydro


An Exeter business has been selected to build a $45 million hydro network in Asia.

Tamar Hydro, along with their partner Genco Energy, will develop wind turbines for rural Indonesia, in some locations which have never had power before.

Tamar Hydro started out 40 years ago in a ‘shed by the river’, and say that the opportunities for this partnership are enormous.

Business Development Manager for Tamar Hydro, Phil McCafferty, and General Manager Scott Towns, speak with Brian Carlton about this amazing opportunity, which is just the tip of the iceberg.

20 years on from the Begents Launceston fire: the moment that redefined the business


On the 8th of December 1997, over 1000 people watched on in horror as Begents Launceston burnt to the ground.

The spectacular flames caused $2.5million worth of damage to the 70 year old building, and was believed to have been started by an electrical fault in a lift chair.

CEO of Begents, Debra Hills, remembers the fire from 20 years ago vivdly, and describes how the fire smoke could be seen from Wellington Street down to the West Tamar.

Debra speaks with Brian Carlton about the 20 year anniversary of the fire, and how the community rallied behind the local business.

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Amazing 'Amaze Balls' - Ashgrove Cheese delight with new product

Amaze Balls

Ashgrove Cheese’s new product, ‘Amaze Balls’, have hit shelves around Tasmania.

The balls are made of dehydrated cheese, and have a consistency similar to a Cheezel.

Brian Carlton is a big fan of Ashgrove Cheese, and was delighted when some Amazeballs were dropped off at the station yesterday.

Roy Thomas, Tasmanian Milk Sales and Distribution Manager for Ashgrove, speaks to Brian Carlton about the Amazeballs,  where you can get them, and some exciting new flavours that will be coming in the near future.

Are you a business in Launceston or Smithton? The ATO explain their visits to businesses this month

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The ATO will be making visits to businesses in Launceston and Smithton this month to ensure they are not operating in ‘the black economy.’

They will be visiting businesses that are typically seen as cash only, including restaurants and cafés, hairdressers, nail salons, butchers, pharmacies and small supermarkets.

The visits are intended to crack down on those businesses not doing the right thing, including not being registered for GST purposes.

ATO Assistant Commissioner, Peter Holt, joins Brian Carlton this morning to discuss the purpose of these visits and what businesses should expect.

Information sessions aimed at helping businesses will also be held in Launceston on March 18 and in Smithton on March 25.

Be bold and privatise GBE's, abolish the college system, says Saul Eslake


Today saw the release of noted economist Saul Eslake's annual Tasmania Report, which details Tasmania's economic performance over the past year.

In the report, Mr Eslake suggests the privatisation of many State Owned Companies, such as TasNetworks and Aurora Energy.

Mr Eslake speaks with Brian Carlton about his report, and renews his call for the college system to be abolished in Tasmania. 

Business Council of Australia talks ‘strong, responsible budget’, which includes higher threshold for instant asset write-off and more apprenticeships

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The Business Council of Australia says that Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s first budget was a ‘strong, responsible budget’, with some good measures for small businesses.

These include raising the instant asset write-off threshold to companies with a turnover of $50 million, and funding to create 80,000 new apprenticeships.

Chief Executive of the Business Council of Australia, Jennifer Westacott, speaks to Brian Carlton about the BCA’s thoughts on these budget measures, and says that the government now has to look to confront the high company tax rate.

Business groups call crisis meetings over leadership turmoil in Canberra

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With the Federal Liberal Party in chaos and confusion over who is running the country, business confidence is taking a nosedive throughout the country.

CEO of the Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Michael Bailey, says that a certainty of government policies is needed to keep Tasmania rolling and headed in the right direction.

Mr Bailey joins Brian Carlton in the studio to discuss how the leadership chaos is affecting business, and also to talk about yet another failed council amalgamation in the state.

Business uncertainty over company tax cuts policy, says Chamber President

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Businesses are ‘dissatisfied’ by the lack  of clarity surrounding policies on company tax cuts, according to President of the Launceston Chamber of Commerce, Tim Holder.

The policy has become somewhat of a political football for both parties, but raises concerns for businesses who are unsure of where they stand.

Mr Holder speaks with Brian Carlton about the current standing of policies on company tax cuts, and says that at the moment, things ‘couldn’t be less clear’ from the Labor party.

Image: By Martin Kingsley from Melbourne, Australia (Cashmoney) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

Calls for Govt to intervene on professional indemnity insurance rises

construction 19696 640

There are calls for the government to intervene on skyrocketing professional indemnity insurance rises, as several local businesses consider if they can afford to stay open in the wake of the new charges.

Brian Wightman, Tasmanian Executive Director of the Property Council of Australia, says that states and territories need to come up with a nationally consistent approach for buildings for certification that doesn't put the industry in jeopardy.

Mr Wightman joins Brian Carlton this morning to explain the issues around the new professional indemnity insurance policy, as well as discuss the results of Hobart City Council's elector poll on building heights in the city.

Steve Bramich, owner of Braddon Building Surveying, also calls in to the discuss the new insurance policy. He says that while he is confident that his business will continue, he knows many that will not.



CommSec report: many positives, but also some challenges re population growth, says Craig James

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The latest State of the State CommSec report shows that Tasmania is kicking goals and punching above its weight, coming in fourth in the national rankings.

Tasmania rated the highest for population growth and equipment investment, and came in second for housing finance.

CommSec Chief Economist, Craig James, joins Brian Carlton this morning and says that there are a lot of positives for Tasmania in the report, but there are also some challenges re population growth.

Craft beer tax cuts help local brewers to invest in business

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 Tax cuts for craft beer will help local brewers to invest in quality control measures, better staff and growing their business, according to Founder of Van Dieman’s Brewing, Will Tatchell.

The Federal Budget revealed the tax cuts yesterday, and Mr Tatchell says this tax relief will be seen on smaller 30L kegs.

Mr Tatchell has been lobbying for these tax cuts for some time, and he speaks with Brian Carlton about what they will mean for his brewery. They also discuss the Independent Brewing Seal which the Independent Brewers Association will launch tonight.

DICK SMITH: Govt migration policy won’t not work, people aren’t willing to pay for Australian products

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The Federal Government’s plan to restrict migrants to living in regional areas only won’t work, according to Australian businessman Dick Smith.

Speaking with Brian Carlton this morning, Dick says that population growth is his main concern, and that if ‘we keep this mad growth up, you will compeltely destroy the magnificent Tasmania as you know it today.’

Dick Smith also discusses the mysterious rebranding of his famous OzENuts peanut butter.

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