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'Bloody hell they’re wearing what I made' - inventor of the Colsi talks true blue Aussie invention

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A Tasmanian man has come up with one of the most true blue aussie inventions you could imagine - a collared singlet.

The 'Colsi' has been around for a few years now, and Brian Carlton first spoke to the inventor and Hobart resident, Stephen Tully, when the singlets were created.

However, after being given a colsi last week at Les Lees Mensland in Launceston by Stephen's father-in-law, Brian just had to catch up with Stephen and see how they are going!

Stephen says that he still finds it odd when he heads to the beach and observes people wearing his invention ,telling Brian he often thinks: 'bloody hell they’re wearing what I made - it was just a joke to begin with.'

You can buy the colsi from If you use the special BRIANTALKS discount code, you will recieve $5 off your colsi!

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‘All we could do is stand there and watch it burn’ – Single mother of nine speaks about devastating house fire


A single mother and six of her children have been left devastated after their Montumana home went up in flames on last Thursday.

The Tasmania Fire Service could not pinpoint what caused the fire, but were able to narrow down the area to the bathroom and the laundry, near a bedroom.

Rachael Hamill arrived home from a school pickup to find the house ablaze. She joins Brian Carlton this morning to tell him about the fire, and says all they could do is stand there and watch it burn.

Firefighters also went above and beyond to save a very special item for Rachael's two older sons.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up for Rachael and her family. If you would like to donate, click here. If you would like to donate any household items to Rachael, please get in touch with us via Facebook or our website.

Image: Jen Dixon, Go Fund Me page.

‘We don’t want to turn Evandale into a CBD’, says Traders in Purple over proposed town development


Traders in Purple have stressed that they are not looking to turn Evandale into a CBD or ruin their idyllic lifestyle by building a new community development nearby.

A director for the company, Charles Daoud, joins Brian Carlton in the studio this morning to discuss the ‘Ridgeside’ development.

Mr Daoud says that the company does not have a design in mind for the property yet; he says they are waiting for community feedback before they begin designing.


“They call him ‘our Percy’” – Great granddaughter talks about extraordinary life of VC recipient, 100 years on

640px Tul Bahadur Pun Victoria Cross medal

Sergeant Percy Statton was a veteran, a mayor, a farmer, a husband, a father and a Victoria Cross medallist.

Born in Beaconsfield, the Tasmanian World War 1 veteran led an extraordinary life. This weekend marks the centenary of Sgt Statton being awarded the Victoria Cross medal, and celebrations have already begun across the state.

The great granddaughter of Percy Statton, Kerri Morely, joins Brian Carlton to talk about this amazing story. She says that Zeehan Primary School, which Percy is a former pupil of, have claimed the veteran as ‘our Percy.’

There is a special celebration at Zeehan Primary School this Saturday from 11am – 12:30pm.

Alleged media bias against women’s group who oppose gender law changes

pictogram 884043 640 1

A feminist group against proposed gender laws by Labor and the Greens allege that they have been locked out of Tasmanian media from having their say.

Isla McGregor, Spokesperson for Women’s Speak Tasmania, joins Brian Carlton this morning to speak about her concerns regarding the new amendments pushed through the lower house last night.

Ms McGregor tells Brian Carlton that certain media outlets have refused to publish their views on these proposed gender laws, and says this is unacceptable.

Birthday Buddies: 25 is the lucky charm for Big hART at Telstra Awards

They are both 25 years old this year, and the twin birthday seemed to do the trick for Burnie business Big hART, who won Tasmanian Business of the Year at this year’s 2017 Telstra Business Awards.

Big hART is Australia’s leading arts and social change organisation. They work with Australia’s most disadvantaged community and focus on making art and driving change.   

Brian Carlton talks to Big hART CEO Scott Ranking about the company and their exciting win.

Image: Big hART website

Bracknell River Reserve to open in 30 days

rv 2485774 640

The Meander Valley Council has voted to reopen the Bracknell River Reserve camp ground in 30 days.

However it will no longer be free, with the Council forced by the National Competition Policy to charge some sort of fee for the area. They have decided that it will cost $3 a night to stay at the area, and tickets will be able to be purchased from the Bracknell Shop.

Listen as Mayor of Meander Valley Council, Craig Perkins, discusses the reopening of the Bracknell River Reserve, the issue of free camping, and a new free camping site that’s popped up at Winnealeah.

They also talk about Craig’s announcement this morning that he will not for Mayor again at the next local government elections.

Concerns over $100m East Coast development – valid or jumping the gun?

640px East coast landscape panoramio

Residents on the East Coast are hugely concerned about a potential $100m luxury development earmarked for Swansea.

The concerns generally relate the enormous size of the project, which residents say will be like creating a new town next to Swansea. There are also fears regarding the nature of the development, with the project being backed by Chinese investors

Freycinet Action Group founder, Sophie Underwood, is one person who has been talking about the potential issues with this project. She speaks to Brian Carlton about the main concerns residents have.

What do you think about the proposed development?

Image:By Richard Horvath, CC BY-SA 3.0,

EXCLUSIVE: Flu vaccine shortage in Tas

vaccination 2722937 640 2

A shortage of the flu vaccine is ‘not satisfactory,’ according to President of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia Tasmanian President, John Dowling.

Tasmania Talks listeners have had issues trying to get the flu shot in the Launceston, and were told by pharmacists that there was a shortage in the state.

Mr Dowling confirms this with Brian Carlton this morning, saying that it is not the government’s fault and the manufacturers were unprepared for the demand for the vaccine.

Remaining dosages are currently being held for those over 65 or for those at ‘high risk’ – pregnant women, children, and people with chronic illnesses, to name a few.

Listen as Mr Dowling explains the issue with the shortage and how this could occur:

Kitten season in full swing, as dumped cats are found at Launceston museum


18 kittens have arrived at Just Cats in Longford in just five days – some dumped, and some feral cats that were abandoned by their mother.

This time of year is peak kitten season, and a timely reminder to get your cat desexed as soon as possible.

Just Cats also urge people to bring any unwanted to cats to their shelter rather than dump them, such as four kittens that were found in the bushes near Launceston’s QVMAG this week.

Owner of Just Cats, Rachel Beech, speaks to Brian Carlton this morning about recent dumping incidents, and what people should be doing to look after their cats at this time of year.

To donate to Just Cats, you can do so via credit card:, via bank transfers: Just cats Bsb 037608 Act 579574 or by PayPal.

Image: Used with permission

Meander Valley Council says returned money still belongs to Beerepoot family


Meander Valley Council is prepared to sit on the funds raised from the sale of the Beerepoot’s house for ‘however long it takes’ to sort out legally, according to Mayor Craig Perkins.

Yesterday Brian Carlton spoke with the new owner of the Beerepoot house, Geoff Styles. He says alleges that the home was stripped of all its fixtures, and believes he should receive some of the money as compensation to fix the damage.

Mayor Perkins speaks to Brian Carlton about the unusual situation, and says that for all intents and purposes, the money given back to the council still belongs to the Beerepoots.

Image: Used with permission.

 Proposed new town near Evandale would need ‘buffer zone’, Anglican church cemetery concerns


A proposal to develop a new town near Evandale would need to establish a sort of ‘buffer zone’, says Northern Midland Council Mayor David Downie

Mayor Downie says that council have not seen the plans for the new town yet, but that it will not become an extension of Evandale.

Brian Carlton speaks with Mayor Downie about the project, as well as the new TasWater memorandum with the State Government and the sale of Anglican Churches in the community.

Image: Wolfgang Cash at the English language Wikipedia [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons.

Record numbers turn up for town meeting on cableway

640px Mt Roland Tasmania Australia

Over 100 people turned up for a meeting about the Mt Roland Cableway on Tuesday night – likely a record for a community meeting in Sheffield, according to Mt Roland Cableway Director and Project Lead, Justin Carmen.

Local residents turned up to learn more about the proposed cableway and adventure precinct, and put ‘ghost stories’ to bed.

Mr Carmen joins Brian Carlton this morning, and says that the vibe at the meeting was overwhelmingly positive.

Image: CucombreLibre [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

Tassielink scraps Strahan to Hobart bus services – so is it an issue?

640px Tigerline coaches

Tassielink has made the decision to end bus services between Strahan and Hobart, instead increasing its service from Strahan to Burnie to 7 days a week.

A lack of people using the service was cited as the reason for the cancellation of the Hobart route. However, there are some councillors that believe some students and other people in the community will be greatly disadvantaged by the lack of buses to the capital city.

Mayor of West Coast Council, Phil Vickers, joins Brian Carlton this morning to discuss the issue. He believes that the 7 day service to Burnie is better serviced and used than the route to Hobart.

Image: By KeresH - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

THS allegedly leak confidential email addresses for election purposes

computer 1149148 640

Orthopedic sugeon, Dr Gary Fettke, was extremely surprised to find an email in his work inbox from Rebecca White and the Labor team touting their health policy.

The email, sent yesterday afternoon, comes days before the state election, and after the CEO of Tasmanian Health System (THS) allegedly told staff to not be involved with political commentary or discourse of any kind.

Dr Fettke speaks with Brian Carlton about the leak, and questions how this data has been allowed to be ‘given away.’

Listen as an anonymous nurse also calls in about the same email, saying that she knows several people who have received one.

We need to look at regulations on mobility scooters, says RACT


Regulations on mobility scooters need to be addressed, according to Executive General Manager of Community and Membership for the RACT Stacey Pennicott.

This comes off the back of the Nationals push for a speed limit of 6km/hr for a mobility scooters.

The attention has raised a number of questions around scooters, particularly about training, regulations and accreditation.

Ms Pennicott speaks with Brian Carlton about the need to look at the lack of research, statistics and regulation around mobility scooters.

They also discuss the idea of a driving test for international visitors.

Image: By Lei Hermans (OTRS Ticket#2016011110013639) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

''REX taking moves from the Trump playbook' - King Island airline stoush continues


King Island Mayor, Duncan McFie, says that perhaps Regional Express Airlines (REX) is taking a leaf out of the Donald Trump playbook.

There is an ongoing stoush between the King Island Council and REX, ever since the council decided to increase landing and passenger charges for the airline. This is because the King Island airport is currently operating at a loss of $500,000 a year, which is being paid by the King Island community.
The latest in the stoush is that REX have cut four flights between the island and Melbourne. Mayor McFie tells Brian Carlton that these cancellations could be due to several mitigating factors, but the timing is coincidental.

Image: By Nemrac2 at English Wikipedia - Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons., Public Domain.

'Blackface' incident divides opinion, but listeners back Penguin footy players


Three North-West Tasmanians have made national news across the country for a ‘Mad Monday’ costume.

The three men from the Penguin Football Club have been pictured in ‘blackface’, dressed as Serena and Venus Williams alongside Sydney Swans player Aliir Aliir.

The picture has caused outrage around the nation, with some people appalled at what they believe is racism and cultural appropriation. However others believe that this was just a fun dress up costume and nothing more.

Tasmania Talks listeners call in to speak to Brian Carlton this morning about their thoughts on the blackface incident.

Image: Facebook (Beau Grundy)

'Condition's aren't getting better.. if anything, they're getting worse' - Second Tassie hay run to help drought-affected farmers in NSW

haystack 4329609 640

A group of approximately 14 Tasmanian farmers and truckers are set to make another hay run to drought-affected NSW.

It was this time last year when Brett Neal made his first hay run to Moree and surrounds, when the nation rallied around drought-stricken areas in NSW and QLD. Several people donated hay to take to the mainland farmers, as well as donations to cover fuel costs and a waiver from the State Government for transportation on the Spirit of Tasmania.

Brett Neal talks to Brian Carlton this morning about a plan to go on a second hay run soon, saying that if anything, conditions in NSW are worse now than they were last year. 

If you are able to make a donation of hay, please call Brett on 0407 741 155.

'Crunch time' for the West Tamar Highway, according to Mayor

asphalt-1853325_960_720 (2).jpg

There are a number of roads around the state that need attention, but the West Tamar Highway is in urgent need of work.

Back in July, the highway came in at number six on the RACT’s list of the state’s ‘most complained about roads'. The area from Legana to Exeter was identified to be of particular concern.

West Tamar Mayor Christina Holmdahl is frustrated by the lack of action on the highway, and believes this could be detrimental to the future of the West Tamar region.

Mayor Holmdahl speaks with Brian Carlton about the issue.

Brian mentions the idea of a new road bridge going from East to West – what do you think?

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