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Traffic lights not the ‘ideal option’ for Mowbray Connector, says RACT


Concerns about planned upgrades to the Mowbray Connector are growing, with the RACT saying that traffic lights are 'not the ideal option.'

Many listeners called on Free Range Friday last week to tell Brian Carlton their concerns about the proposed upgrade for the East Tamar Mowbray Connector, with many saying they were against the addition of more traffic lights.
Stacey Pennicott, Executive General Manager of Community and Membership for the RACT, tells Brian that the RACT would prefer an alternative to the traffic lights, such as a roundabout, but there is no money in the State budget for an alternative.
Image: Department of State Growth

‘We don’t want to turn Evandale into a CBD’, says Traders in Purple over proposed town development


Traders in Purple have stressed that they are not looking to turn Evandale into a CBD or ruin their idyllic lifestyle by building a new community development nearby.

A director for the company, Charles Daoud, joins Brian Carlton in the studio this morning to discuss the ‘Ridgeside’ development.

Mr Daoud says that the company does not have a design in mind for the property yet; he says they are waiting for community feedback before they begin designing.


Don’t change pilots halfway through the flight, says Premier

Will-Hodgeman-Permission-required (1).jpg

Premier of Tasmania, Will Hodgman, says that if the public changes Government at the next State election, they'll be changing the direction of the state and not for the better.

The Premier joins Brian Carlton for his second last show of the year, and outlines the Liberal Government's economic performance as a key reason the party should be re-elected.
In a wide-ranging discussion, they talk about the Liberal Government's pledge to invest $35m in a Cradle Mountain Cableway, announcement of funding for the West Tamar Highway, the two new Spirit of Tasmania vessels, and the possibility of minority government after the next state election.

Living City coming along well, Devonport citizenship ceremony to be held on 26th


Devonport is opening itself up to new events and tourism opportunities as it undergoes a radical transformation with its Living City project.

Mayor of Devonport City Council, Annette Rockliff, speaks to Brian Carlton this morning about some of the ongoing projects around the city, and how the community can have a say on the council’s next budget.

They also discuss Australia Day citizenship ceremonies, and the role of the Federal Government to dictate the day they should be held on.

Image: Fairbrothers

Potential for joint bid for Qantas Pilot Academy, says Senator Martin

aeroplane-1838708_640 (2).jpg

Devonport and Launceston Airports could join forces to present one united bid for the Qantas Pilot Academy, according Senator Steve Martin.

Over 40 regional cities around Australia have put in bids for the training school, which would see an influx of pilots to the chosen city. All airports in Tasmania have shown an interest in the academy, but the two most prominent bids come from Devonport and Launceston.

Senator Martin discusses the newly released criteria with Brian Carlton, and says that a need to create two separate pilot schools (one beginner, one advanced) could see a united front from Devonport and Launceston.

'Crunch time' for the West Tamar Highway, according to Mayor

asphalt-1853325_960_720 (2).jpg

There are a number of roads around the state that need attention, but the West Tamar Highway is in urgent need of work.

Back in July, the highway came in at number six on the RACT’s list of the state’s ‘most complained about roads'. The area from Legana to Exeter was identified to be of particular concern.

West Tamar Mayor Christina Holmdahl is frustrated by the lack of action on the highway, and believes this could be detrimental to the future of the West Tamar region.

Mayor Holmdahl speaks with Brian Carlton about the issue.

Brian mentions the idea of a new road bridge going from East to West – what do you think?

‘Anything can be changed if it’s the right thing to do’, says LCC Alderman on Mowbray Connector


There is still time to change plans for the Mowbray Connector, according to Launceston City Council Alderman, Robin McKendrick.

The Department of State Growth seems set on their plan to install traffic lights at the Mowbray Connector, rather than a roundabout. However, Ald McKendrick says that ‘anything can be changed if it’s the right thing to do.’

Listen as Ald McKendrick speaks with Brian Carlton about this concerns over the proposed upgrades to the East Tamar Highway.

Image: Department of State Growth

‘Comprehensive’ DA lodged for Mt Wellington Cableway Project

640px Mt Wellington looking down on Hobart Tasmania

A ‘comprehensive’ development application has been lodged for the Mt Wellington Cableway Project.

The Hobart City Council will now have two months to consider the 804 page application, which will be made available to the public later today.

Chris Oldfield, Chair of the Mt Wellington Cableway Project, speaks with Brian Carlton this morning about this historic moment. He also says the cableway will only have two cars, and will barely be able to be seen on the mountain when standing in Hobart.

Image: By Matthew.crompton - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

‘Roundabout was always the obvious choice’ – people power wins with Mowbray Connector changes

MowbrayConnector 1

The power of people has won out, with The Department of State Growth changing the proposed plans for traffic lights at the Mowbray Connector to a roundabout.

There was public outrage when it was revealed that plans to upgrade the East Tamar Highway included a set of traffic lights. The public, media and Launceston City Council Alderman have been campaigning since to have the traffic lights changed to a roundabout, which seems to have succeeded.

Alderman Robin McKendrick was one of many questioning the decision for traffic lights, and he speaks with Brian Carlton this morning about this great news.

Image: Department of State Growth

‘Selection and placement of wire rope barriers needs to be motorcycle friendly’, says Aus Motorcycle Council


The selection and placement of wire rope barriers needs to be motorcycle friendly, according to Chairman of the Australian Motorcycle Council, Guy Stanford.

Last Free Range Friday, several Tasmania Talks listeners called in to discuss their views on wire rope barriers. Whilst some talked about how it saved them from a car accident, other listeners were concerned about the danger to motorcycle riders.

Guy talks to Brian Carlton about the pros and cons of wire rope barrier, and what the danger is to the motorcycle community.

‘The paint work is totally wrong’ - Motorcycle Council talks Westbury Road/Normanstone Road works


There has been a total lack of consultation over changes on the intersections of Westbury Road and Normanstone Road in Launceston, according to President of the Tasmanian Motorcycle Council, Paul Bullock.

Yesterday caller Bill alerted Brian Carlton that there had been a change at the intersection. Paul’s photo demonstrated that traffic near a bus stop has been reverted to one lane, with a car being forced to merge right to avoid the bus stop, and then left again if they wish to turn onto Normanstone Road.

Paul Bullock and Tas Talks listeners discuss the changes with Brian, and try to decipher the reasons behind the changes

‘We’ve got a community shovelling money into this debt-pit’ – Mayor talks King Island airport stoush

640px Saab 340A VH KDK

A stoush has been brewing between the King Island Council and Regional Express Holdings – also known as REX airlines – over increasing fees at the King Island airport.

The airport ran at a loss of $470,000 last year, and the King Island Council is seeking to break-even this financial year by increasing landing charges and imposing a $7.50 charge per passenger per leg.

Mayor of King Island Council, Duncan McFie, joins Brian Carlton this morning to discuss the ongoing tension over these new charges, and alleges that REX may be subsidised by the Federal Government to fly to King Island.

Image: By Nemrac2 at English Wikipedia - Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons., Public Domain,

$190m Hardwood Mill huge investment in Burnie and NW Coast


A $190 million plantation hardwood mill and timber product manufacturing facility will be built at a yet-to-be-announced location in Burnie.

The project by Hermal Group was announced yesterday, and will be Australia’s largest plantation hardwood mill. Once the facility is complete, it is believed the plant will employ around 200 staff.

Brian Carlton talks to Hermal Group Spokesperson, James Lantry, to find out more about this exciting investment for Burnie.

Abetz: Greens ‘nimby’ approach to wind farm, space infrastructure funding for Tas

Abetz k

Senator Eric Abetz has slammed Bob Brown and the Green’s criticisms of the proposed wind farm at Robbins Island, calling it a ‘nimby approach.’

The Liberal Senator for Tasmania joins Brian Carlton this morning for a wide-ranging chat, including condemning the Greens and former leader Bob Brown for their opposition to the wind farm project.

They also discuss $11.5 million in funding for space infrastructure in Tasmania, which will help to cement Tasmania’s place in the Australian Space Industry.

Alderman Alexander coy on St John Street vote


Launceston City Council Alderman Darren Alexander refuses to reveal how he will vote on the St John Street bus stop move.

Speaking to Brian Carlton, Cr Alexander - who is also Chair of the City Heart Taskforce - says he will wait until the council debate on Monday to decide on his view.

Brian also asks Cr Alexander for reasons on why the 20 metre move was considered to be a good idea in the first place.

Aldermen need to speak up on bus move


 Aldermen in favour of rescinding support for the St John Street bus move need to speak up, according to President of the Launceston Chamber of Commerce Tim Holder.

A motion will be put to the Launceston City Council on Monday night to rescind support to move the bus stop 20 metres down the road, and will instead suggest it is moved to Civic Square.

Mr Holder talks with Brian Carlton about the move, and how those opposing it need to come forward to let their argument be heard.

They also discuss an innovative idea to improve the attractiveness of the Launceston CBD.

Almost 30,000 without internet after Telstra outage

student 849820 960 720 1

Are you experiencing the frustration of not having an internet connection or a phone line?

If so, you are not alone. It is understood that almost 30,000 Telstra customers statewide are experiencing an NBN outage. This is predominantly in Launceston and Hobart, but does affect residents right across the state.

After hearing from many concerned businesses and listeners, Brian Carlton speaks with Telstra Area General Manager, Michael Patterson, about the outage and when it might be resolved.

Angus has no beef with Launceston city plan progress


Launceston’s Living City plan is “moving along well” according to Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation, Angus Taylor.

Assistant Minister Taylor has released a National Cities Performance Framework, which will track the progress and performance of Australia’s largest cities, including Launceston and Hobart.

The initial data from the framework demonstrates that Launceston has the lowest proportion of households in mortgage stress, and is in the top 5 cities of work commutes made by foot or bike.

Brian Carlton speaks to Assistant Minister Taylor about this data, and the progress of the Living City plan in Launceston.

Image: By Nick-D - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Australia's fastest internet headed for regional Tasmania with FTTP


If you live in Smithton, Somerset or George Town, you could have access to Australia’s fastest internet.

Launceston-based business Launtel offers an internet service of one gigabit per second, and whilst they already deliver it to businesses, they can also deliver it to residential areas that have fibre to the premises.

Director of Launtel, Damien Ivereigh, joins Brian Carlton in the studio to talk about the cutting-edge technology.

Big Brother is watching: mysterious cameras appear in Launceston


Launceston residents were puzzled over the weekend when they saw dozens of cameras being installed across the Launceston region.

West Tamar Highway, Charles Street Bridge, Kings Meadows, Prospect and the Bass Highway have all been identified as regions with these cameras so far.

Listen as Tasmania Talks listeners call in to help solve the mystery of these cameras, and Brian Carlton finally gets an answer from the Department of State Growth.

Image: Danny Smith

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