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Plan to allow victims of crime to access the superannuation of offenders

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Should victims of crime have access to the superannuation of the person who committed the offence against them?

That’s what the Federal Government is arguing, with public submissions currently open on the new policy. A victim currently has the right to access a perpetrators assets, however there have been cases of wealthy offenders hiding their assets in their super.

Minister for Revenue and Financial Services, Kelly O’Dwyer, is in Tasmania today, and joins Brian Carlton to speak about the policy.

They also discuss the Government’s proposed tax cuts, criminal charges laid on big banks, Bill Shorten’s tax plans, and the taskforce to end the tobacco black market.

'Employment will still be merit-based,' says Tas Police on female focused recruitment campaign


A Tasmania Police campaign targeted towards women will still see employment based on merit, according to Senior Sergeant Brenda Ore.

The campaign launched this week, and is attempting to level the gender split to 50/50 within Tasmania Police. The Australian Federal Police launched a similar campaign on social media last week, and received a large volume of negative criticism over the percieved preference of women for the jobs. 

Brian Carlton talks to Snr Sgt Ore about the recruitment campaign and why they decided to target this gender split.

'I cannot bring my son back, but I can speak up': Mother calls for justice for son over fatal crash


On May 13 2018, a man crossed onto the wrong side of the West Tamar Highway and subsequently collided with another car. Daniel Swan, who was travelling in the other vehicle, died as a result of the crash.

Yesterday the perpetrator was found guilty of a traffic offence in relation to this fatal accident.

Daniel’s mother, Cheryl Swan, joins Brian Carlton in the studio this morning to talk about the tragic loss of her son, and says that justice has not been done for Daniel.

"I cannot bring my son back, but I can speak up," says Cheryl.

'No winners, no justice' in funeral fund theft case, says victim


Kentish Funerals director Scott Allen Dickey has been sentenced to 18 months imprisonment after stealing more than $126,000 in prepaid funeral funds.

Brian Carlton speaks to Executive Director of Consumer, Building and Occupational Services, Dale Webster, about the case and what the chances are of the 29 victims receiving compensation.

Brian then also talks to Caroline, who was one of the victims of Mr Dickey’s theft. She says that she feels the sentence was not nearly enough, and justice was not done.    

'The hacker imported 1 million email addresses' - Victorian cricket club caught up in email scam speaks

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A small Victorian cricket club says a hacker sent scam emails from their account to over one million people.

On Friday, Tas Talks listeners called Brian Carlton to tell him about an infringement notice email scam going around. Tony from Newstead forwarded through his scam email, which stated it came from the Strathmore Cricket Club.

Secretary of the Strathmore Cricket Club, Frank Merzel, talks to Brian about the moment they discovered what was happening.

'There was a tear in my eye': Crime Stoppers Tas Deputy Chair wins international award for service


David Daniels OAM was very surprised, and had a tear in his eye, when he was named as the International Civilian of the Year by the 2017 Crime Stoppers international conference in Panama.

The Deputy Chair of Crime Stoppers Tasmania began his career with the organisation in 1994, and was awarded for his sefless devotion, persistent service and significant contribution to the program.

Tasmania also won the Best Community Engagement Award for its “My Home, Our Community” initiative.

Brian Carlton speaks with Mr Daniels about Crime Stoppers and this fantastic achievement.

‘… I pick myself up, but today I’m flat as a pancake,’ – Penguin Caltex owner deflated over burglary

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The owner of the Penguin Caltex is deflated after the fourth burglary in ten years at her business.

Kerrie-Anne Cobbing knows the drill by now, and when she came to work at 6:30am on Monday morning and realised the door had been opened, she knew to call the police straight away.

Kerrie-Anne talks to Brian Carlton this morning about the devastating break-in and says that she absolutely loves the place, but wonders how much longer she can keep putting up with these incidents.

‘Don’t push your luck around trains’ – TasRail warn public to be vigilant on Rail Safety Week

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TasRail is warning the public to not ‘push your luck around trains’ this Rail Safety Week.

In the past financial year, TasRail reported an 18% increase in level crossing failure to stop or give way incidents. The majority of these incidents took place on the North-West Coast.

Chief Operating Officer of TasRail, Stephen Kerrison, talks to Brian Carlton this morning about the importance of rail safety, and some of the shocking incidents they have seen happen over the past year.

Image: By Geez-oz - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

‘Every 2 days a police officer is assaulted in Tasmania,’ says PAT 


Every two days, a police officer is assaulted in the state of Tasmania.

That’s according to President of the Police Association of Tasmania, Colin Riley. Statistics show that there have been 278 assaults on police in the past year – this does not include charges for wounding or grievous bodily harm.

Legislation will go the State’s Legislative Council next week to remove the step-down provisions for police injured in the line of duty. Currently injured police officers are subject to a reduction in their salaries while they are at home recovering from their injuries.

Mr Riley speaks with Brian Carlton this morning about the alarming statistics around police assaults in the state, and why this legislation is so important.

‘I don’t know how I’ll keep going’ – Penguin Service Station soldiers on after 2nd break-in in a week

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The owner of the Penguin Service Station says she doesn’t know how she’ll keep going, after the second break-in in a week at the regional petrol station.

Kerrie-Anne Cobbing and her staff have been left devastated by the second burglary, which has seen the place left without phones, internet and the console to ‘speak’ to the bowsers.

Kerrie-Anne has also suffered some severe health setbacks as a result of the stress of the break-ins.

Kerrie-Anne talks to Rick Fontyn this morning about this upsetting second burglary, but says that the way the community has rallied around the business has been heart-warming.

A Go Fund Me page has also been set up for the service station. To donate, click here.

Tasmania Talks listeners also call in break-ins, and the justice system in general:

‘I wouldn’t… have an enemy in the world’ – Launceston photography confused over targeted arson and attacks

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A well-known Launceston photographer is confused as to why someone would deliberately target his studio in an arson attack.

Owen Hughes’ car, parked at his studio, was set alight on Sunday morning. The fire spread to the front of the studio, and also to a neighbouring property. This is just the latest in a string of attacks against the photographer in the last six weeks, following a smashed front window, and soiled underpants left on his driveway.

Owen joins Brian Carlton this morning and says he has no idea why someone would want to target him.

Anyone with information can call Tasmania Police on 131 44 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. CCTV or dash cam footage can also be useful to the Tasmania Police.

‘It's better to be 5 mins late than not survive at all,’ - Police urge people to be safe on roads after fatal crash

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Tasmania Police are urging people to take their time and drive to the conditions after a number of crashes on Tasmanian roads, including a fatal crash yesterday morning.

Sadly, a 56 year old Legana man passed away yesterday in what can only be described as a ‘freak’ accident. The 56yo man lost control of his van on a corner of road at Frankford Road, Harford, likely due to black ice. His van rolled several times, but it is believed the man survived the crash.

A short time later, a silver Mazda came around the same corner and rolled, impacting the 56yo man from the van. The 56yo man passed away at the scene a short time later.

Inspector Steve Jones of Tasmania Police talks to Brian Carlton this morning about this tragic accident, and pleads with drivers to be careful on the road in these icy winter conditions.

‘It’s just heartbreaking’: Begents Launceston hit by thieves


Begents Launceston was the victim of a robbery last Thursday, with thieves stealing televisions, a fridge, a lounge suite and numerous other goods from the store.

The perpetrators stole the goods using a Begents delivery van, which turned up burnt out in the Underwood area the next morning.

CEO of Begents, Debra Hills, speaks with Brian Carlton this morning and says that the theft was just heartbreaking.

If you have any information, please call Tasmania Police on 131 444. If you would prefer to remain anonymous you can call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 and quote report number 592552.

Image: used with permission. 

‘Not out of the woods yet, but looking positive’ – Launceston police officer involved in serious plane crash

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Respected Launceston police officer Inspector Darren Hopkins has suffered severe burns to 30% of his body after a light plane accident on Sunday 21st October (yesterday).

Investigations are underway to determine exactly what happened, but Inspector Hopkins’ plane seemed to catch fire, before he managed to crash land in a paddock in Sheffield. Inspector Hopkins managed to call 000 despite his extensive injuries.

Northern District Commander for Tasmania Police, Brett Smith, joins Brian Carlton this morning to talk about the details of the crash, and the shock that it was one of their own injured at the scene.

Anyone with information who may have seen the aircraft near Hagley just before the crash should call Launceston Police on 131 444.

‘Policing breaks people’ – Former NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione talks life and career ahead of Tassie trip


‘Policing breaks people.’

They are the words from highly respected Former Police Commissioner for New South Wales, Andrew Scipione AO APM, when talking about the toll a career of a police officer.

Mr Scipione will be visiting Tasmania next week, speaking to children at a number of schools about how the choices you make when you are young can impact your entire life. He will also speak at a breakfast for the Christian Business Men’s Connection in Devonport next Friday, which is open to anyone to attend.

Mr Scipione was NSW Police Commissioner during several shocking incidents, including the Lindt Café siege and shooting of NSW Police accountant of Curtis Cheng.

Listen as Mr Scipione has a wide-ranging chat with Brain Carlton about several topics, including some of the hardest thing about being a police officer.

If you would like more information about the breakfast in Devonport on Friday, click here.

Credit: (AAP Image/Paul Miller)

‘Scope to use drones is infinite’ – PAT talks state budget

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The Police Association of Tasmania (PAT) has welcomed funding allocated in the state budget for new police technology, along with boosting police numbers and upgrading police stations.

One of the most interesting aspects of the funding is $400,000 over four years for drones. Acting President of PAT, Gavin Cashion, says that drones could be used for all types of police work, including searching for missing people, intelligence gathering, drug searches and vehicle evades.

Mr Cashion joins Brian Carlton to discuss the state budget funding for police.

‘The community should be outraged’ – Police talk deliberately lit fires and ignorance of fire ban

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The community needs to do everything they can to help catch and identify perpetrators who deliberately light fires, according to Northern Tasmania Police Commander, Brett Smith.

This comes after news of 10 deliberately lit fires in Blessington last night, as well as one at Mathinna on Friday morning and a fire started by a stolen vehicle in Clarendon Vale.

Commander Smith talks to Brian Carlton about the dangers of people lighting any sort of fire in a total fire ban, and says that the community ‘should be outraged.’

‘They’re stealing a human life’ - Bravehearts founder talks minimum mandatory sentences

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Child sex offences are not like any other crime where the offender steals a car or steals your bank balance; they’re stealing a human life.

That’s according to Founder of Bravehearts and Indpendent Senate candidate for QLD, Hetty Johnston. Bravehearts has long advocated for mandatory minimum sentences for child sex offenders, as well as maximum life sentences and the ‘two strike’ rule.

Hetty speaks to Brian Carlton this morning about minimum mandatory sentences and why they’re important after they were rejected by Labor, the Greens and Sue Hickey in State Parliament last week.

Tasmania Talks listener Jacob from Launceston also calls in to discuss the laws. He is a survivor a child sexual abuse, and shares his thoughts with Brian below: 

‘We are determined to see this through’ – Govt attempt to legislate minimum mandatory sentences for child sex offenders again

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The State Government will attempt to pass legislation through the lower house today for minimum mandatory jail sentences for child sex offenders.

The Government has been trying to pass this legislation for five years now, and believe that they have a mandate from the public for this to become law.

Attorney-General Elise Archer joins Brian Carlton this morning to discuss the laws, which she says they are ‘determined to see through.’ They also discuss the passing of the Labor-Greens gender laws and the potential consequences.

‘We will not put up with survivors of sexual abuse being used as a political football’

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Founder of Beyond Abuse, Steve Fisher, says he will no longer put up with survivors of sexual abuse being used as a political football.

Last week, legislation for minimum mandatory sentences against child sex offenders was put before the lower house in State Parliament, but was defeated by Labor, the Greens and Sue Hickey. This is in contradiction to Sue Hickey voting to pass minimum mandatory sentences for assaults on frontline officers.

Steve joins Brian Carlton this morning to discuss the turn of events last week, and says that survivors will keep fighting to have these laws passed.


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