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Traffic lights not the ‘ideal option’ for Mowbray Connector, says RACT


Concerns about planned upgrades to the Mowbray Connector are growing, with the RACT saying that traffic lights are 'not the ideal option.'

Many listeners called on Free Range Friday last week to tell Brian Carlton their concerns about the proposed upgrade for the East Tamar Mowbray Connector, with many saying they were against the addition of more traffic lights.
Stacey Pennicott, Executive General Manager of Community and Membership for the RACT, tells Brian that the RACT would prefer an alternative to the traffic lights, such as a roundabout, but there is no money in the State budget for an alternative.
Image: Department of State Growth

‘No one is safe in our shows’ – UK duo The Kagools hit Launnie comedy stage

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British comedy duo The Kagools have warned that no one will be safe in their interactive comedy shows in Launceston over the next few days.

Claire Ford and Nikki Wilkinson have arrived in Launceston for the Laughs of Launceston comedy festival, and say that their physical comedy ‘allows adults to just play as children.’

Claire and Nikki join Brian Carlton in the studio this morning to talk about how they got into comedy, where the name ‘The Kagools’ comes from, and the weirdest show they’ve done.

For tickets to see The Kagools tonight, Friday night or Saturday night, click here

‘We don’t want to turn Evandale into a CBD’, says Traders in Purple over proposed town development


Traders in Purple have stressed that they are not looking to turn Evandale into a CBD or ruin their idyllic lifestyle by building a new community development nearby.

A director for the company, Charles Daoud, joins Brian Carlton in the studio this morning to discuss the ‘Ridgeside’ development.

Mr Daoud says that the company does not have a design in mind for the property yet; he says they are waiting for community feedback before they begin designing.


A 'philosophy of belonging' – Tas Grand Master Photographer talks about his passion

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Have you ever heard of somebody being a ‘Grand Master Photographer’?

Tasmania’s only Grand Master lives in Launceston, and Philip Kuruvita takes pride in photographing his local city and our beautiful state.

His new book, Eat. Drink. Love, is now available just in time for Christmas. Philip joins Brian Carlton in the studio to talk about his books, career and love of photography.

The book includes some stunning photos, including the ones below:

Join Tasmania Talks tomorrow for your chance to win a copy of Eat. Drink. Love.

Images: Philp Kuruvita

Bracknell River Reserve to open in 30 days

rv 2485774 640

The Meander Valley Council has voted to reopen the Bracknell River Reserve camp ground in 30 days.

However it will no longer be free, with the Council forced by the National Competition Policy to charge some sort of fee for the area. They have decided that it will cost $3 a night to stay at the area, and tickets will be able to be purchased from the Bracknell Shop.

Listen as Mayor of Meander Valley Council, Craig Perkins, discusses the reopening of the Bracknell River Reserve, the issue of free camping, and a new free camping site that’s popped up at Winnealeah.

They also talk about Craig’s announcement this morning that he will not for Mayor again at the next local government elections.

Launceston Apprenticeship Pipeline Scheme looking to give students a helping hand

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Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the amount of construction work around Launceston, and this will continue to grow when the Utas campus move begins.

But with construction projects comes the need for people to do the work. The Tasmanian Building and Construction Training Board, alongside the State Government and other stakeholders, are looking to give 20 Year 11 students per year a helping hand to get into construction and get an apprenticeship.

This scheme will cover their fees for an apprenticeship, including money for protective equipment, but most importantly give students a mentor and opportunity to develop relationships with businesses.

Simon Cocker, CEO of the TBCITB, talks to Brian Carlton this morning about the scheme and how it works, urging all construction businesses in the state to get on board.

If you are interested or would like more information please contact Program Manager Annette Doddridge on telephone 0417 503 771 or email [email protected].

Meander Valley Council says returned money still belongs to Beerepoot family


Meander Valley Council is prepared to sit on the funds raised from the sale of the Beerepoot’s house for ‘however long it takes’ to sort out legally, according to Mayor Craig Perkins.

Yesterday Brian Carlton spoke with the new owner of the Beerepoot house, Geoff Styles. He says alleges that the home was stripped of all its fixtures, and believes he should receive some of the money as compensation to fix the damage.

Mayor Perkins speaks to Brian Carlton about the unusual situation, and says that for all intents and purposes, the money given back to the council still belongs to the Beerepoots.

Image: Used with permission.

Near-death experience leads to a-maze-ing creation

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A farmers near-death experience has led to his latest amazing creation.

Rowan Clark, owner of Rupertswood Farm at Hagley, has been creating maize mazes at his farm for six years now. This year’s maze, a Tasmanian honey bee and its bee hive, was inspired by Rowan going into anaphylactic shock after being stung by a bee twice in a few weeks.

Rowan talks to Brian Carlton this morning about his near-death experiences, and how one actually creates a maize maze.

The Crop Maze will open to the public from Saturday, 2 March February 2019 for five weekends only
and mid-week for pre-booked groups. Click here to get your ticket to visit.

Image: Will Whishaw and Josh Langmaid

Potential for joint bid for Qantas Pilot Academy, says Senator Martin

aeroplane-1838708_640 (2).jpg

Devonport and Launceston Airports could join forces to present one united bid for the Qantas Pilot Academy, according Senator Steve Martin.

Over 40 regional cities around Australia have put in bids for the training school, which would see an influx of pilots to the chosen city. All airports in Tasmania have shown an interest in the academy, but the two most prominent bids come from Devonport and Launceston.

Senator Martin discusses the newly released criteria with Brian Carlton, and says that a need to create two separate pilot schools (one beginner, one advanced) could see a united front from Devonport and Launceston.

 Proposed new town near Evandale would need ‘buffer zone’, Anglican church cemetery concerns


A proposal to develop a new town near Evandale would need to establish a sort of ‘buffer zone’, says Northern Midland Council Mayor David Downie

Mayor Downie says that council have not seen the plans for the new town yet, but that it will not become an extension of Evandale.

Brian Carlton speaks with Mayor Downie about the project, as well as the new TasWater memorandum with the State Government and the sale of Anglican Churches in the community.

Image: Wolfgang Cash at the English language Wikipedia [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons.

'Crunch time' for the West Tamar Highway, according to Mayor

asphalt-1853325_960_720 (2).jpg

There are a number of roads around the state that need attention, but the West Tamar Highway is in urgent need of work.

Back in July, the highway came in at number six on the RACT’s list of the state’s ‘most complained about roads'. The area from Legana to Exeter was identified to be of particular concern.

West Tamar Mayor Christina Holmdahl is frustrated by the lack of action on the highway, and believes this could be detrimental to the future of the West Tamar region.

Mayor Holmdahl speaks with Brian Carlton about the issue.

Brian mentions the idea of a new road bridge going from East to West – what do you think?

'I cannot bring my son back, but I can speak up': Mother calls for justice for son over fatal crash


On May 13 2018, a man crossed onto the wrong side of the West Tamar Highway and subsequently collided with another car. Daniel Swan, who was travelling in the other vehicle, died as a result of the crash.

Yesterday the perpetrator was found guilty of a traffic offence in relation to this fatal accident.

Daniel’s mother, Cheryl Swan, joins Brian Carlton in the studio this morning to talk about the tragic loss of her son, and says that justice has not been done for Daniel.

"I cannot bring my son back, but I can speak up," says Cheryl.

'One of the most beautiful regional cities in Australia' - New Chamber EO talks vision for Launceston


The Launceston Chamber of Commerce (LCC) are looking to reinvigorate Launceston, and have a new man in charge to help them do that.

Neil Grose is a man who prides himself on getting things done, and he has been appointed Executive Officer of the LCC.

Mr Grose talks to Brian Carlton about his vision for Launceston.

Image: By Nick-D - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

'The people have voted with their feet': push to move Launceston Show public holiday to AGFEST


With the future of the Launceston Show in doubt, one Meander Valley Alderman has come up with an interesting proposal: move the Launceston Show public holiday to AGFEST instead.

 Alderman Bob Richardson believes that the people have voted with their feet that AGFEST is the place to be, rather than the agricultural shows. He also states that Circular Head Council have made the decision to move their show public holiday to AGFEST, and wishes to follow suit.

Brian Carlton talks to Alderman Richardson about the proposal, and the process they would need to go through to make this happen.

'They weren't livestock, they were pets' - owner talks dog attack on sheep and alpacas, ponders dangerous dog laws

lamb 451982 640

What leads to an animal being declared a dangerous dog?

That’s what Luci Woodland would like to know, after a dog attacked her livestock and killed three sheep and three alpacas. She alleges that she has had past problems with the dogs in question, and wonders why something wasn’t done to stop them before things went too far.

Luci calls in to speak with Brian Carlton on Free Range Friday about the attack, and the measures in place to stop this from happening to someone else.  

'We just weren't prepared': Invermay businesses flooded after king tide


Some businesses in Invermay were shocked to turn up to work and find their businesses flooded this morning.

Fruncine Sainty, of Sainty’s North- East Bus Service, was dismayed to receive a phone call telling her that the business was flooded, including up to nine vehicles that were moved out just in time. This is not the first time the business has been flooded, with the business hit during the 2016 floods as well.

Fruncine speaks with Brian Carlton this morning about the incident, and says that she just had no warning that this could occur.

'We’re shell-shocked’ – relative talks Ravenswood house fire, and appeals for donations

 fire 2197606 640

 The relative of occupants in a Ravenswood home which burnt down on Monday night says the family is ‘shell-shocked.’

Natalie Brown is the aunt of the two sisters who live in the home. Between the two women, they have two five-year-olds, a three-year-old and two one-year-olds. Natalie put out a plea on Facebook for donations, as the families were left with nothing but the clothes on their back.

Natalie speaks to Brian Carlton this morning about the fire, and what the family need.

Some of the things the family is looking for include:

Women's clothing size 16-18
Girls clothing size 9-10
Boys clothing size 3-4
Boys clothing size 2-3
Girls clothing size 1


Women's size 11 and 9
Kids size 11-12 (girl)
Kids size 9 (boy)
Kids size 7 (boy)
Kids size 3 (girl)

Any household items at all.

If you would like to donate any items, please get in touch with the show via facebook or our website.

'Whole thing is a disaster' - allegations that World Heritage Area rules stopped management of Central Highlands bushfire

IMG 1905

There are allegations that the Central Highlands bushfire could have been handled in just a few days if not for laws regarding the management of world heritage area (WHA).

The bushfire, which went on to burn 50,000 hectares of bushland, originated within a WHA area. The Shooters, Farmers and Fishers party are alleging that local fire authorities requested fire control measures such as earth moving equipment and water assets, but this is not allowed in a WHA.

Ken Orr, Deputy Leader of the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party, lives and works in the Central Highlands. He joins Brian Carlton this morning to call for immediate action from the State Government for more effective bushfire control in WHA.

Image: supplied.

‘A sh*t sandwich has been delivered up’ – Meander Valley Mayor weighs in on ratepayers funding ‘emotional training’

 moneyinpocket 2

The Mayor of Meander Valley Council says a ‘sh*t sandwich has been delivered up’ by the previous council, in relation to the conduct of Councillor Rodney Synfield.

A Code of Conduct complaint has been upheld against Cnr Synfield, after harassing a female council worker. This included turning up at a property where the woman has horses, and buying her unwanted gifts.

The result of the Code of Conduct complaint is that Cnr Synfield will have to undertake ‘emotional intelligence training,’ which will cost Meander Valley ratepayers $3000.

Wayne Johnston, Mayor of Meander Valley Council, talks to Brian Carlton this morning about this situation and what alternative solutions, if any, are available.

‘Adrian’s innings have been cut tragically short’ – friend pays tribute to Adrian Tudor


Adrian Tudor was the 'sort of bloke you only heard good things about', a great teammate, a mentor, a father and an all round positive person, who was taken too soon.

Last Friday, Launceston and the surrounding communities were saddened by a fatal car accident, which took the life of 48 year-old Adrian Tudor.

Dave Chambers is a member of the Westbury Shamrocks Cricket Club, and joins Brian Carlton this morning to reflect on Adrian’s life, saying that the club will ensure Adrian’s legacy is never forgotten.

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