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‘Anything can be changed if it’s the right thing to do’, says LCC Alderman on Mowbray Connector


There is still time to change plans for the Mowbray Connector, according to Launceston City Council Alderman, Robin McKendrick.

The Department of State Growth seems set on their plan to install traffic lights at the Mowbray Connector, rather than a roundabout. However, Ald McKendrick says that ‘anything can be changed if it’s the right thing to do.’

Listen as Ald McKendrick speaks with Brian Carlton about this concerns over the proposed upgrades to the East Tamar Highway.

Image: Department of State Growth

‘Convenience is great, but at what cost?’ Launceston businesses band together against Uber Eats


A growing coalition of 25 Launceston businesses are banding together to say no to Uber Eats.

The popular app for home food delivery is set to launch in Launceston in the near future, but not many people know that Uber Eats takes 35% from the total of each order.

Alex Jones, Owner of Wiseguise Pizza, says that this is 'a lot to stomach', and encourages consumers to understand how Uber Eats can affect their favourite takeaway or restaurant.

Alex joins Brian Carlton this morning to discuss the opposition to Uber Eats and says that ‘convenience is great, but at what cost?’

‘Dumping as a sport’ – Concerned citizen talks dumping at St Patricks River, as Govt pushes for harsher penalties


A concerned member of the community is worried that dumping is becoming something of a sport, particularly in the St Patricks River area.

Claire Richardson spends a lot of time at Nunamara, and is upset by the amount of rubbish that is illegally dumped in the area. From mattresses and general rubbish to burnt out cars, she's seen it all.


Claire speaks with Brian Carlton this morning and says that she is happy to see harsher penalties imposed, but wishes more could be done by local councils to help clean up affected areas.

Images: Used with permission

‘Every parent has that voice in their head’– Mother of 15yo boy diagnosed with meningococcal speaks about the signs


It’s every parent’s worst nightmare to see their child sick and struggling. But imagine thinking your child had a common cold, only to worsen to a case of life and death between hours?

There have been several cases of meningococcal in the state over the past few months, with Alex Beaumont the first discovered case in the North of the state.

Alex’s mother, Rebecca Beaumont, joins Brian Carlton this morning and says that without her parent’s intuition and the life-saving actions of a paramedic, things may have turned out very differently for Alex.

Image: supplied.

‘Everything’s coming up Flanno’ – Kitty Flanagan in Tasmania this weekend


With a booming career 25 years in the making, everything’s ‘coming up Flanno’ for Kitty Flanagan.

The comedian will be in Tasmania from today to perform in Hobart and Launceston, the timing coincidental to colleague Tom Gleeson’s ‘Go Away Launceston’ segment on The Weekly last night.

Kitty speaks to Brian Carlton about what people can expect from her show, and her approach to comedy.

To buy tickets to Kitty's Launceston show at Princess Theatre this Saturday night, click here.

‘Give it to us for 10 years and if it isn’t a success, then the bikers can have it’, says former NE railway worker

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The Launceston and North-East railway has been given the green light to run from Lilydale to Turners Marsh, but passionate advocates of a heritage rail are not giving up yet.

Wayne Venn worked on the former North-East railway for 30 years, 20 of which he spent as a supervisor. He knows the tracks like the back of his hand, and thinks that the track to Scottsdale is 95% ready to get.

Wayne talks to Brian Carlton about his time on the railway and says that he thinks the Government should give the L&NER a go. If the railway isn’t successful over 10 years, then the cyclists can have it, says Wayne.

‘I shut my eyes and I still see it all’ – Tasmanian survivor of Bourke St attack talks about the moment he was stabbed in the head


‘I shut my eyes and I still see it all,’ says Bourke St attack survivor, Rod Patterson.

The retired Launceston businessman and local icon was stabbed in the head on Friday 9th November, when Hassan Khalif Shire Ali went on an attack in Bourke St in Melbourne.

Rod’s wife, Maree, was close by shopping, unaware of what was going on outside.

Rod and Maree join Brian Carlton in the studio this morning for an extremely in depth and emotional interview about the attack, which Rod says he remembers every second of.

Hear part two of the interview here:

‘I wouldn’t… have an enemy in the world’ – Launceston photography confused over targeted arson and attacks

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A well-known Launceston photographer is confused as to why someone would deliberately target his studio in an arson attack.

Owen Hughes’ car, parked at his studio, was set alight on Sunday morning. The fire spread to the front of the studio, and also to a neighbouring property. This is just the latest in a string of attacks against the photographer in the last six weeks, following a smashed front window, and soiled underpants left on his driveway.

Owen joins Brian Carlton this morning and says he has no idea why someone would want to target him.

Anyone with information can call Tasmania Police on 131 44 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. CCTV or dash cam footage can also be useful to the Tasmania Police.

‘It’s just heartbreaking’: Begents Launceston hit by thieves


Begents Launceston was the victim of a robbery last Thursday, with thieves stealing televisions, a fridge, a lounge suite and numerous other goods from the store.

The perpetrators stole the goods using a Begents delivery van, which turned up burnt out in the Underwood area the next morning.

CEO of Begents, Debra Hills, speaks with Brian Carlton this morning and says that the theft was just heartbreaking.

If you have any information, please call Tasmania Police on 131 444. If you would prefer to remain anonymous you can call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 and quote report number 592552.

Image: used with permission. 

‘It’s the not knowing’ - Khon’s Asian Takeaway uncertain over reopening after fire

fire 1707042 640 1

It’s been two months since a kitchen fire caused Khon’s Asian Takeaway to close, but there may not be an opening date in sight for the beloved store.

After a long wait for insurance to come through, the development application to begin construction on the kitchen has been lodged with Launceston City Council. It is unknown just how long this will take to go through the process at council, particularly with the Christmas season approaching.

Co-owner of Khon’s Asian Takeaway, Rosanna Quach, joins Brian Carlton this morning to talk about where the reopening of Khon’s is at.

‘Not out of the woods yet, but looking positive’ – Launceston police officer involved in serious plane crash

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Respected Launceston police officer Inspector Darren Hopkins has suffered severe burns to 30% of his body after a light plane accident on Sunday 21st October (yesterday).

Investigations are underway to determine exactly what happened, but Inspector Hopkins’ plane seemed to catch fire, before he managed to crash land in a paddock in Sheffield. Inspector Hopkins managed to call 000 despite his extensive injuries.

Northern District Commander for Tasmania Police, Brett Smith, joins Brian Carlton this morning to talk about the details of the crash, and the shock that it was one of their own injured at the scene.

Anyone with information who may have seen the aircraft near Hagley just before the crash should call Launceston Police on 131 444.

‘Roundabout was always the obvious choice’ – people power wins with Mowbray Connector changes

MowbrayConnector 1

The power of people has won out, with The Department of State Growth changing the proposed plans for traffic lights at the Mowbray Connector to a roundabout.

There was public outrage when it was revealed that plans to upgrade the East Tamar Highway included a set of traffic lights. The public, media and Launceston City Council Alderman have been campaigning since to have the traffic lights changed to a roundabout, which seems to have succeeded.

Alderman Robin McKendrick was one of many questioning the decision for traffic lights, and he speaks with Brian Carlton this morning about this great news.

Image: Department of State Growth

‘Say no to workplace bullying’ – Dr Gary Fettke not renewing LGH contract

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Dr Gary Fettke believes his position at the Launceston General Hospital has become untenable, and says that at this point in time, he will not be renewing his contract to continue working at the LGH.

Dr Fettke’s current contract will expire in a few weeks, and he says that the Tasmanian Health System has been unwilling to negotiate with him. According to to Dr Fettke, this includes an unwillingness to take responsibility for bullying and harassment in the workplace, particularly in relation to Dr Fettke’s diet advice to his patients.

Dr Fettke joins Brian Carlton in the studio to discuss his future at the LGH.

‘Spectacular, but not particularly big’ - TFS explain Trevallyn fire

A fire in the Riverside/Trevallyn area last night looked far worse than it was, according to the Tasmanian Fire Service.

The fire was first reported at 7:25pm last night, around the same time Trevallyn residents spotted ash falling from the sky.

TFS says that the fire was relatively small and also contained some backburning. There was no damage to power poles despite the close proximity of the fire.

Jeff Harper, TFS Northern Regional Chief, speaks to Brian Carlton about the fire and what occurred last night. Brian is also joined by volunteer firefighter and North East Account Manager of LAFM/Chilli, Scott Hayes, who discusses what it was like fighting the fire on the ground.

‘Still at a loss as to where they’ve been’ – Missing truffle farm dogs return home


Missing dogs Doug and Poppy have returned home to Tasmanian Truffles in Evandale – but no one is sure where they have been for the past two weeks.

Co-owner of Tasmanian Truffles, Anna Terry, talks to Brian Carlton this morning about the happy return of the dogs, and says that they were sitting on their door at 6am yesterday morning.

It is unclear whether the dogs found their own way home, or if someone dropped them off – if only they could talk! Listen as Anna describes the happy reunion below:

Image: Used with permission.

‘Still no news and it’s 10 days on’: Truffle farm dogs still missing


 It’s been 10 days and Tasmanian Truffle farm dogs Poppy and Doug are still missing.

The two dogs are known for going into the bush for a ‘day off’ once or twice a year, but have not been known to leave the Evandale farm property for this length of time.

Siblings Anna and Henry Terry, former My Kitchen Rules contestants, are the owners of Tasmanian Truffles and are heartbroken that their furry friends are gone. Poppy and Doug are trained to find truffles for Anna, but will only do this for her.

Anna talks to Brian Carlton this morning to talk about the dogs’ disappearance, and says that not knowing where they are is just horrible.

There is a $1000 reward for the return of the dogs, no questions asked.

If you have any information at all, please call  0437 849 283 or 0438 918 212.

Image: Used with permission.

‘Tas is not taking advantage of its rail tourism’ – struggle between Launceston North-East railway and NE rail trail continues

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Tasmania is not taking advantage of its potential rail tourism, according to Public Relations Officer for the Launceston North East Railway (LNER), Wendy McLennan.

The stoush between the planned North-East rail trail and the proposed LNER continues, with a Legislative Council hearing underway to determine the best course of action.

This comes after a State Government decision last year that would see both projects go ahead, allocating specific sections of the rail to each project.

Wendy joins Brian Carlton to talk about the Legislative Council hearing that is currently underway, and what they hope to achieve from it.

‘The house was completely gutted’ – new owner of ‘God’s House’ talks home’s condition

2018 06 26

The new owner of the Beerepoot’s home in Meander Valley says the previous owners ‘completely gutted’ the house before leaving.

The Beerepoot’s home was sold last year by the Meander Valley Council to recover $15,000 in rates, which the family refused to pay as they believed the land belonged to God.

Geoff Styles plans to turn the property into a bed and breakfast, but says that there are no fixtures on the walls, wires are hanging out, and that panel heaters were even unscrewed from the walls.

Mr Styles speaks with Brian Carlton about the condition of the house, and what outcome he would like to see from Meander Valley Council.  

Image: Used with permission.

‘The paint work is totally wrong’ - Motorcycle Council talks Westbury Road/Normanstone Road works


There has been a total lack of consultation over changes on the intersections of Westbury Road and Normanstone Road in Launceston, according to President of the Tasmanian Motorcycle Council, Paul Bullock.

Yesterday caller Bill alerted Brian Carlton that there had been a change at the intersection. Paul’s photo demonstrated that traffic near a bus stop has been reverted to one lane, with a car being forced to merge right to avoid the bus stop, and then left again if they wish to turn onto Normanstone Road.

Paul Bullock and Tas Talks listeners discuss the changes with Brian, and try to decipher the reasons behind the changes

‘There is not one sector in our economy that the health sector does not reach’ – Launceston Chamber commissions report on economic benefit of health sector

care 928653 640 2

The Launceston Chamber of Commerce (LCC) has commissioned a report into the economic benefit of the health sector.

Neil Grose, Executive Officer of the LCC, says that ‘there is not one sector in our economy that the health sector does not reach,’ and this report will help to maximise benefits for Tasmanian industries through our hospitals and other health facilities. These industries include primary produce, and manufacturing.

Neil talks to Brian Carlton this morning about the idea behind the report, and says that he hopes to have a final version by November/December.

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