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‘This needs to go back to the drawing board’ – CPA opposed to draft law to limit cash transactions to $10k

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Draft legislation that would limit cash transactions to $10,000 needs to ‘go back to the drawing board,’ according to General Manager of External Affairs for Certified Practicing Accountants (CPA), Paul Drum.

CPA has been vocal in their opposition to the bill, which they say could see normal people treated like criminals for using legal tender.

Mr Drum talks to Brian Carlton this morning about the proposed law and why CPA believes it should not be introduced.

“I wasn’t ready to leave”: Colbeck eyes surprising potential Senate return


Former Tasmanian Senator Richard Colbeck could make a surprise return to Federal Parliament.

Tasmanian Senator and Senate President Stephen Parry announced yesterday that he may be a dual British citizen. If he is found to be a dual citizen, he will resign from his role, causing a Senate recount which would see Richard Colbeck reinstated as a Senator.

Brian Carlton talks to Richard Colbeck to find out what he thinks of the situation, and how he would feel about re-entering the Senate.

 AFL need to get ‘big boy pants’ on, says Senator Martin

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The AFL need to get their ‘big boy’ pants and deliver solutions to fix Tasmanian football, according to Senator Steve Martin.

In his first speech to the Senate yesterday, Senator Martin slammed the AFL’s response to Tasmania’s football crisis. He also mentioned the importance of education, and that he is proud to have set a High Court precedent with his election.

Senator Martin speaks with Brian Carlton about his speech, the AFL and his support for the Federal Government’s  tax cuts for companies.

Alleged media bias against women’s group who oppose gender law changes

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A feminist group against proposed gender laws by Labor and the Greens allege that they have been locked out of Tasmanian media from having their say.

Isla McGregor, Spokesperson for Women’s Speak Tasmania, joins Brian Carlton this morning to speak about her concerns regarding the new amendments pushed through the lower house last night.

Ms McGregor tells Brian Carlton that certain media outlets have refused to publish their views on these proposed gender laws, and says this is unacceptable.

Brian's question: 'Is Hickey's move democracy at work?' met by laughter from Bonham


 The first day of State Parliament yesterday turned into chaos when first-time MP Sue Hickey was elected as Speaker of the House.

The Government nominated Rene Hidding for the role, and was blindsided by Hickey's move to accept the nomination from Labor leader Rebecca White and Greens leader Cassy O'Connor.

With Hickey now saying that she will not attend party meetings and will vote 'mostly' along party lines, many are wondering where this leaves the State Government with their one-seat majority.

Brian Carlton speaks to independent political analyst, Kevin Bonham, about the blindside and the options now open to the Liberal Party. 

Citizenship 5 should repay wages but won’t; turkey carve-up for xmas with Turnbull & Shorten to be challenged

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The five politicians booted from Parliament last week should pay back their wages, but it won’t happen, according to Senator Jacqui Lambie.

Barnaby Joyce, Fiona Nash, Malcolm Roberts, Scott Ludlam and Lariss Waters were found on Friday to be ineligible to sit in Parliament, due to their dual citizenship status.

Many citizens have called for the five to pay back almost $9 million in wages, comparing it to Centrelink  clawback payments for those on welfare.

Brian Carlton speaks to Senator Lambie about the calls for the five to pay back their money. She also suggests that there will be a ‘turkey carve-up’ before Christmas, predicting both Turnbull and Shorten will face challenges within their parties.

Don’t change pilots halfway through the flight, says Premier

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Premier of Tasmania, Will Hodgman, says that if the public changes Government at the next State election, they'll be changing the direction of the state and not for the better.

The Premier joins Brian Carlton for his second last show of the year, and outlines the Liberal Government's economic performance as a key reason the party should be re-elected.
In a wide-ranging discussion, they talk about the Liberal Government's pledge to invest $35m in a Cradle Mountain Cableway, announcement of funding for the West Tamar Highway, the two new Spirit of Tasmania vessels, and the possibility of minority government after the next state election.

EXCLUSIVE: Flu vaccine shortage in Tas

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A shortage of the flu vaccine is ‘not satisfactory,’ according to President of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia Tasmanian President, John Dowling.

Tasmania Talks listeners have had issues trying to get the flu shot in the Launceston, and were told by pharmacists that there was a shortage in the state.

Mr Dowling confirms this with Brian Carlton this morning, saying that it is not the government’s fault and the manufacturers were unprepared for the demand for the vaccine.

Remaining dosages are currently being held for those over 65 or for those at ‘high risk’ – pregnant women, children, and people with chronic illnesses, to name a few.

Listen as Mr Dowling explains the issue with the shortage and how this could occur:

Fuel reserves: only 30 days of oil left in Australia


Conflict in Syria has highlighted concerns at the amount of fuel Australia has reserved, which is only enough to last 30 days.

The US, UK and France launched a joint strike on Syria over the weekend, as a signal against the use of chemical weapons. This action has led to concern of a broader, ongoing conflict, which may undermine Australia’s energy security.

The nation’s energy security is currently dependent on regional refineries and oil flows from the Middle East.

Brian Carlton speaks to Liberal Senator and Retired Major General, Jim Molan, about the strikes on Syria and our alarmingly low fuel reserves.

If you think Bill Shorten's leadership isn't in doubt, listen to this interview:

RossHart5.jpgRumours that Bill Shorten's leadership could be under threat have ramped up after his 'captain's call' on company tax cuts yesterday.

The Opposition Leader announced that a Labor Government will repeal the Government's company tax cuts to businesses with a turnover of $10million to $50 million, should they pass the Senate.

Labor Member for Bass, Ross Hart, calls in to speak with Brian Carlton this morning. Listen to what he has to say regarding the company tax cuts and Mr Shorten's leadership:

Image: By Rexwoods [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0) or GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html)], from Wikimedia Commons

Lambie in ‘mourning process’ over the state election

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Jacqui Lambie says she is in a slight mourning process after the state election.

The Jacqui Lambie Network failed to win any seats in the Tasmanian Parliament, despite running 12 candidates across Braddon, Bass and Lyons.

Jacqui tells Brian Carlton that you put in a lot and gain very little in a political process. She also defends her decision to go on her book tour just days before the election.

Lambie talks police run-in, Steve Martin Senate seat, JLN policies

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Former Senator Jacqui Lambie joins Brian Carlton in the studio for her usual Tuesday chat – but not before a run-in with the police on the way!

In a comprehensive discussion, Jacqui discusses Steve Martin’s Senate fate, Justine Keay’s citizenship, the arson at Tasmazia, the federal codeine upscheduling scheme and JLN policies – including their recently released education policy.

Listen to their conversation below:  

LAMBIE: Liberal selection process not ‘fair dinkum’, weighs in on Latham doing robo-calls for One Nation


The Liberal Party selection process for election candidates is not ‘fair dinkum’, according to former Senator Jacqui Lambie.

An article in The Australian today suggests there is a split amongst the Tasmanian Liberals regarding Braddon candidate Brett Whiteley being pre-selected for the by-election.

Speaking with Brian Carlton, Jacqui says that the Liberal Party need to be pushing candidates with ‘fresh blood.’

She also weighs in on former Labor Leader Mark Latham voicing robo-calls for One Nation in the seat of Longman.

LAMBIE: set to return to Senate, but ‘back to couch surfing tonight’


She looks set to return to the Senate, but Jacqui Lambie will be back to couch surfing tonight.

The win will complete her extraordinary comeback story, campaigning for the last 18 months after the dual citizenship saga with little to no funds.

Jacqui talks to Brian Carlton this morning about what it would mean to her to get back into the Senate, and thanks those who have put her up as she couch surfed over the campaign.

Major party election spendathon questioned by Property Council director


Property Council of Australia Tasmanian Executive Director, Brian Wightman, is questioning the big ticket spending by major parties in the state election.

Joining Brian Carlton in the studio, Mr Wightman says that the casual way in which parties talk about large spends in this election is quite concerning.

 In a little over a week, the parties have pledged huge funds to infrastructure, health, and housing.

Listen as Brian and Mr Wightman discuss the issue, as well as the property boom in Tasmania, and the promise the Property Council of Tasmania would like to see made in the state election.

Plan to allow victims of crime to access the superannuation of offenders

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Should victims of crime have access to the superannuation of the person who committed the offence against them?

That’s what the Federal Government is arguing, with public submissions currently open on the new policy. A victim currently has the right to access a perpetrators assets, however there have been cases of wealthy offenders hiding their assets in their super.

Minister for Revenue and Financial Services, Kelly O’Dwyer, is in Tasmania today, and joins Brian Carlton to speak about the policy.

They also discuss the Government’s proposed tax cuts, criminal charges laid on big banks, Bill Shorten’s tax plans, and the taskforce to end the tobacco black market.

PM: NW to benefit from Agriculture Skills jobs package, compares My Health Record to cloud system

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Free Range Friday encourages anybody to call in for the day, but it's not often the first cab off the rank is the Prime Minister!

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is in Stanley this morning, after spending the night in Smithton. He announces that the North-West will be one of nine regions in Australia to benefit from a Job Ready Generation Package, which will come in the form of agricultural skills.
The Prime Minster also speaks with Brian Carlton about My Health Record, which he compared to Apple's cloud system.

Saul Eslake’s message to self-funded retirees: Don't panic, but you still might take a hit

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Independent economist Saul Eslake has told self-funded retirees not to panic in the wake of a policy announcement from the Federal Labor party.

Yesterday, Bill Shorten announced that a Labor government will impose changes to dividend imputation, where the imputation credits would no longer be refundable.

Mr Eslake speaks with Brian Carlton about this proposed policy which has concerned self-funded retirees, saying that though they shouldn’t panic, they may still take a hit.

They also briefly touch on housing approvals in Tasmania.

Tasmania is the jewel in the crown of Australia’s brand, says Tourism Tas CEO

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Tasmania is the jewel in the crown of Australia’s brand, according to Tourism Tasmania CEO John Fitzgerald.

Joining Brian Carlton live at Country Club Tasmania for the Tourism Industry Council Tasmania Conference, Mr Fitzgerald discusses the idea that Tasmania is a victim, in some ways, of Australia’s overall generic brand.

Listen to their extremely wide-ranging and comprehensive chat about tourism in Tasmania below:

THS allegedly leak confidential email addresses for election purposes

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Orthopedic sugeon, Dr Gary Fettke, was extremely surprised to find an email in his work inbox from Rebecca White and the Labor team touting their health policy.

The email, sent yesterday afternoon, comes days before the state election, and after the CEO of Tasmanian Health System (THS) allegedly told staff to not be involved with political commentary or discourse of any kind.

Dr Fettke speaks with Brian Carlton about the leak, and questions how this data has been allowed to be ‘given away.’

Listen as an anonymous nurse also calls in about the same email, saying that she knows several people who have received one.

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