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No cause for alarm over iTunes changes, says tech expert


Reports that ‘iTunes is dead’ has left some people, including Brian Carlton, concerned for their music libraries.

Technology commentator and Editor of Everything For the Man, Trevor Long, is in San Jose at the Apple event, where they unveiled their plans for a powerful new Mac and a new-look iTunes.

Despite a bad phone line and the challenges of taking a call from overseas, Trevor manages to give Brian some clarity around these changes.

PM: NW to benefit from Agriculture Skills jobs package, compares My Health Record to cloud system

malcolm turnbull pm pix

Free Range Friday encourages anybody to call in for the day, but it's not often the first cab off the rank is the Prime Minister!

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is in Stanley this morning, after spending the night in Smithton. He announces that the North-West will be one of nine regions in Australia to benefit from a Job Ready Generation Package, which will come in the form of agricultural skills.
The Prime Minster also speaks with Brian Carlton about My Health Record, which he compared to Apple's cloud system.

'Have to stand up to injustice' - Man developing class action suit against Facebook over Cambridge Analytica breach

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One Australian man is attempting to do the impossible and sue Facebook.

Edward Poljak was one of over 300,000 people who had his data stolen in the Cambridge Analytica hack. Given that Edward is a veteran and has many friends who are in sensitive positions, it came as quite a shock to learn his locations, pictures and profile had been breached.

Edward is now taking on Facebook in a class action lawsuit and ,despite many people believing it's an impossible task, Edward says that he believes in standing up to injustice,

Edward joins Brian Carlton this morning to discuss the data breach and his class action suit.

If you or someone you know would like to join the class action suit, they must do so before July 31. Click herefor more information.

'More spam than a meatlovers pizza': Man who uncovered Domino's data hack speaks



When Mark Wilson started receiving spam emails from ‘Sarah’ with some of his personal details, he knew something wasn’t quite right.

On Tuesday it was revealed that a former Domino's supplier’s systems may have been hacked, which led to email addresses, names and store suburbs being accessed.

Mark is just one of many affected customers, but was the first to uncover the data breach and alerted Domino's to the situation.

He posted a thread in the online forum Reddit on Tuesday, where many people were concerned to learn their data may be compromised.

Mark talks with Brian Carlton about realising something was amiss with his information, and the sleuthing he did to uncover the data breach.

Image: By Maksym Kozlenko (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


‘11 hours later it was still on YouTube – it’s disgraceful’ – Tech expert talks Christchurch live stream and what can be done to stop similar incidents

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Can social media and tech giants put restrictions on content on their sites and act immediately if something inappropriate occurs?

One of the major issues to come from the tragic Christchurch massacre last week is the fact the gunmen was able to livestream the incident on Facebook. This video was viewed by 200 people live, but copies of the video were then shared widely on Facebook, as well as other platforms such as YouTube.

Technology commentator, Trevor Long, talks to Brian Carlton this morning about how this was allowed to take place in the first place, and what kind of restrictions social media giants could put in place to stop this from happening again – if any.

‘Can’t see how this doesn’t destroy them as a consumer mobile phone company’ says technology expert on Huawei

phone 3023808 640

Technology commentator and Editor for Everything for the Man (EFTM), Trevor Long, says that Google cutting ties with Huawei could destroy the Chinese telco as a mobile phone company.

US President Donald Trump recently announced a ban on US companies supplying their technology to Huawei, after a long history of allegations against the Chinese company.

This ban saw Google also decide to cut ties with company, meaning future phones will not use the Google android system that they currently do, making them difficult to use for ‘average Joe’s.’

Trevor speaks to Brian Carlton this morning about the issues Huawei is facing, and how they will affect Australian customers.

‘Optus as a telco have not failed, but they’ve ruined their reputation’ – tech expert talks World Cup disaster

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Football fans were left in dismay over the weekend after Optus’ streaming of World Cup matches was hit with technical difficulties.

It has caused a public relations disaster for Optus, in a week that should have been a huge boon for the company.

Brian Carlton speaks to technology expert and Everything for the Man editor, Trevor Long, about where Optus went wrong.

Mr Long says that ‘Optus as a telco have not failed, but they’ve ruined their reputation.’

‘Other telcos need to sit up and pay attention,’ says ACCAN on Telstra third-party billing proceedings

accounting 761599 640

Other telcos need to sit up and pay attention to the ACCC’s proceedings against Telstra’s third-party billing, according to CEO of the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network, Teresa Corbin.

The news that the ACCC will take Telstra to Federal Court over unknown third-party charges was welcome news to Tasmania Talks listeners, who have called in with their complaints over the past two weeks.

Ms Corbin speaks to Brian Carlton about the action finally taking place against Telstra, and what you should do if you think you are being charged for something you have not signed up for.

For a list of third-party charges that Telstra have stopped, click here.

‘Right down to the angry face emoji’: public servants' social media use being monitored


The Australian Public Service Commission’s updated social media guidelines suggest that public servants face disciplinary action for simply ‘liking’ a Facebook post.

The guidelines, revealed yesterday, that an employee sharing or liking a Facebook post will be seen to endorse that material. The document instructs employees that they should not criticise their own departments, nor the particular parliamentarians or the Prime Minister.

The guidelines also include private emails sent by public servants, and posts made by other people on an employee’s page.

Assistant Regional Secretary for the Community and Public Sector Union, Madeline Northam, speaks to Brian Carlton about the ‘overreach’ of the Government on this issue.

"It goes right in to when and when you cannot use an anger emoji on Facebook… I mean the government is wasting their time writing policies like these."

‘The whole thing is crazy’ – why you need to be worried about encryption laws

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Brand new encryption laws are ‘crazy’, according to the Australian Government’s Former Chief Digital Officer, Paul Shetler.

Last week, the Australian Parliament passed laws that allow the Government to access any message, text or email you send, even if it is encrypted.

The laws were passed on the basis of protecting the country from suspected terrorists and criminals, but the technology industry believes the bill goes too far.

Mr Shetler speaks to Brian Carlton this morning about just why we should be worried about these laws, and how they could see a journalist end up in prison.

ACCC bringing proceedings against Telstra for third-party billing

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For the past few weeks, Brian Carlton has been discussing the issue of third-party billing charges on Telstra bills.

Today it was announced that the ACCC has commenced proceedings against Telstra, alleging that it made false or misleading representations to consumer in relation to its third-party billing service.

Listen as Brian Carlton reads out statements from the ACCC and Telstra.

Telstra have listed all third-parties that will no longer be billed on Telstra accounts. For the full list, click here.

Communications Minister: Better mobile service for West Coast, says don’t ‘sext’ after school program tells students how to do so 'safely'

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The West Coast is set to receive faster mobile services, with the Liberal Government today committing to $700,000 to fix the network.

Federal Minister for Communications, Senator Mitch Fifield, is in Tasmania today to join Braddon by-election candidate Brett Whiteley in announcing the policy, which is set to improve all West Coast regions including Tullah and Granville.

Minister Fifield speaks to Brian Carlton about the West Coast announcement, and also weighs in on the topic of a Victorian school teaching ‘safe sexting’.

Cyber warfare: Is Australia a player?


Is Australia a player in the international game of cyber warfare?

Offensive cyber capabilities in Australia plays various roles, taking on cyber criminals to terrorists.

The uses of Australia’s cyber capability are often unknown or misunderstood. Head of the International Cyber Policy Centre for Australia Strategic Policy Institute, Fergus Hanson, has co-authored a report about Australia’s offensive cyber capabilities, and speaks with Brian Carlton about it.

Everything you need to know about Cambridge Analytica and the Facebook data breach

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You may have heard the words ‘Cambridge Analytica’ being thrown around in the media the last few days.

However it’s something that you should be paying attention to: 50 million Facebook users have allegedly had their profiles tapped without their permission, and data taken from these profiles was supposedly used to influence the 2016 American election.

It is unknown yet how many Australians have been caught up in the data breach.

Technology commentator, Trevor Long, speaks with Brian Carlton about everything you should know about the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Food, fashion and car manufacturing - the versatile uses of hemp


Imagine being able to send data through your clothing.

That’s just one of the many possible uses of hemp, creating an ‘intelligent textile’ that sends information – such as your heart rate – to a computer.   

There are many versatile uses to hemp, which includes food and fashion. Hemp could even be in your car, as it is often used in interior car panels.

Brian Carlton talks with Director of Eco Fibre, Phil Warner, about the multiple uses of hemp and the political fight to legalise forms of hemp and marijuana.

Get ready to Uncover Launceston with new app

If you find yourself getting lost while adventuring around Launceston, you may need to get an app to help you.

Uncover Launceston is a brand new application developed by local residents David and Eve Gibbons. It has over 100 points of interest, and also allows you to design your own walking tour of the city.

Eve Gibbons joins Brian Carlton in the studio to discuss this fantastic new innovation.

Heartfelt resolution for North-West clinic’s NBN issues


A vital North-West coast clinic has found a resolution to their desperate NBN issues.

Last month, Tasmania Talks shared the concerning situation the cardiology practice had found themselves in. Since transitioning to the NBN, Charles Clinic Heart Care were struggling to complete day to day tasks and therefore facing closure because of their inadequate internet connection.

Thankfully, local IT provider Tas Communications have saved the day, providing the clinic with the high-speed broadband services they require.

Head of Charles Clinic, Dr Geoff Evans, joins Brian Carlton to discuss the good news.

Heavenly Palace's fate revealed

international space station 1776407 640

The Heavenly Place did not fall to Earth on Easter Sunday, instead choosing the Monday to make its re-entry to Earth’s atmosphere.

Chinese space station Tiangong-1 burnt up over the Southern Pacific Ocean on Monday, with 10% of the station landing in the ocean near Tahiti.

Brian Carlton speaks to astrophysicist Dr Brad Tucker about Tiangong-1’s fate.

Lambie: 'They're bloody dreaming' on digitisation of government services


It was announced this morning that the Federal Government is hoping to have all services digitised by the year 2025.

Following the launch of My Health Record later this year, Minister for Human Services Michael Keenan says that all government services would be provided online in seven years, and will be secured by a 100-point ‘digital ID-check’.

Former independent Senator Jacqui Lambie tells Brian Carlton that the government is ‘bloody dreaming’ if they believe they can digitise government services and keep the data safe.

They also discuss a whole host of other topics, from inverted crosses at Dark Mofo to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s eyebrows.

Launceston in contest for cyber security node

Launceston could become a hub for a cyber security node.

Launceston City Council Alderman and CEO of Autech Darren Alexander is paving the way for Launceston to house a national network of research and innovation hubs.

With the UTAS campus set to move to Inveresk, the existing UTAS campus close to the Australian Maritime College could be the perfect location to do this.

Brian Carlton talks to Mr Alexander about the project and how this could become a reality.

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