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Vic teen calls for rape court reform

Victoria's premier and attorney-general will meet with a teenage rape victim to discuss how to make the court system less traumatic.

The family of a girl who was 14 when she was allegedly raped in a Geelong park in November 2015 wants the government to provide better support for child victims during trials.

She abandoned her case before her three alleged attackers could face trial, fearing the trauma of being cross-examined and the distress involved in the public airing of now-suppressed details from earlier hearings.

"The media reported on extraordinary detail and that was harrowing. She was re-victimised to the point where she couldn't go to school," her mother told ABC radio on Tuesday.

The mother also suggested such cases be heard by a panel of judges, instead of juries, to avoid unconscious prejudice and put the focus more on the law.

Premier Daniel Andrews said he and Attorney-General Martin Pakula would meet the family, possibly as soon as this week.

"If there are things we can change, if there are learnings that we can glean from the tragedy of this case, then we will make those changes," he told reporters.

Mr Pakula said child and sex offence victims can already give evidence by video link.

But they still have to be cross-examined and Mr Pakula said it would be hard to envision a system where a defendant could not test evidence.

He also was wary of the idea of more suppression orders.

"However as I say, I'd be more than happy to meet with the family and ascertain exactly what elements of the reporting of the reporting caused distress and see whether or not there are options for reform," he said.

Opposition leader Matthew Guy says the coalition would give "in principle" support to reforms.

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