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Lambie out of Senate on citizenship advice

Jacqui Lambie will go down as one of Australia's most colourful politicians, who was known nationally despite being a crossbench senator from Tasmania.

She will fall on her sword on Tuesday after becoming the latest senator to be ensnared in the citizenship fiasco.

British authorities overnight confirmed she is a UK citizen by descent through her Scottish-born father.

She entered parliament after the 2013 election representing Clive Palmer's now defunct party before quitting to sit as an independent the following year.

She said the decision was the right one.

"That's really worked in my favour - there's no way that if I was still running under that banner ... I'd be finished today," she said.

She ran under her own team banner - The Jacqui Lambie Network - successfully at last year's double-dissolution election to return to Canberra.

She was known for her passion and outspokenness on issues, including the treatment of returned military personnel and the issue of ice addiction.

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