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Crew on board burning boat relieved to be alive

Burning boat

A fishing boat has been abandoned in the state's North West after a fire engulfed the vessel.

Four crew members on board were unable to put out the blaze which started in the wheelhouse of the boat and spread to the galley.

The crew made the decision to deploy the life raft and leave the boat.

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter winched the men to safety and transported them to the North West Regional hospital.

42 year old Warren Treloggen was on board with his 11 year old son Noah and says they're lucky to be alive. 

"We're pretty relieved to be home, a bit of a harrowing event... just happy to be back with loved ones". 

Burning boat fs

Local fisherman Brad Stanley was witness to the blaze and says there was no hope of saving the vessel.

"...she sunk overnight, it was burning last night still at 10pm when I went to bed and when I got up this morning she's on the bottom". 

All four crew received treatment for smoke inhalation and other minor injuries.

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