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Council may change show holiday date

Launie show

A northern council will consider changing the date of it's annual public holiday for the Launceston Show to coincide with AgFest instead.

Dwindling numbers at Launceston's agricultural show and the cancellation of the the Devonport Show have prompted the move.

In contrast attendance at the Brighton show in the state's south exceeded expectations by more than five thousand.

Meander Valley Councillor Bob Richardson told Tasmania Talks people in the north are voting with their feet.

"Clearly the product of Launceston Show is not meeting the desires of the people," he said.

"AgFest is an important place for us and it's connected with agriculture rather than the big shows."

Meander Valley Council would not be the first to make the move. 

Circular Head Mayor Darryl Quilliam says his council area has had the AgFest weekend as a public holiday for more than a decade.

"We've been extremely happy with the decision since then," he said.

"I often go to AgFest on the Friday and run into a lot of people from here.

"The beauty of being Friday is we can have the night there and spend some time in Launceston on the Saturday."


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