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RSPCA: Don't leave pets in hot cars


As the weather warms up - RSPCA is warning Tasmanians not to leave their pets in hot vehicles.

Last year - out of more than 2,000 calls to the company's animal cruelty hotline - 87 were to do with animals, especially dogs, being left in cars in the heat.

RSPCA, CEO Peter West said it can take a little as 6 minutes to cause major effects.

“The temperatures in the car can double the outside temperature. In those sorts of conditions an animal can get animal heat stroke, it can fall into great distress and can even die,” RSPCA, CEO, Peter West said.

RSPCA advises:
- DON’T leave your dog inside an unattended vehicle, even with the windows down (locked or otherwise).
- DON’T leave your dog on the back of a parked utility, especially in the sun.
- DO ensure sufficient ventilation while the vehicle is moving (air conditioning, windows down safely) and that your dog, or its cage, is adequately restrained.
- DO ensure your dog has regular access to cool, clean drinking water.

“Who knows what can happen, you may think you’re just going in the shop for a few minutes, get caught up in the shop for one reason or another, 20 minutes come out and it would be just devastating to find your best friend very, very ill,” Mr West said.

Anyone who comes across as animal locked in an unattended vehicle is asked to try and find the owner and contact Tasmania Police's radio room on 131444.

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