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Steve Martin resigns as Devonport Mayor

Senator Steve Martin says he has mixed feelings after stepping down and Devonport's Mayor today.

Mr Martin says he wants to devote all his attention to his new job and looks forward to working for all Tasmanians.

But he said he was leaving a job he loved.

"Well I've got mixed feelings, of course, leaving something that I very much treasure," he said.

"But then to have the opportunity to be part of the national conversation is an opportunity too good to pass up."

Mr Martin credits the Living City project as one of his most significant achievements in local government.

But he said the Devonport's Living City was the project that he was most proud of.

"Getting that off the ground in February 2012 and even though it's not finished to stage one, it's being built and the next stage of having the hotel is being organised.

"To be there at the start of that was a really good thing to be involved in."

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