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Newstart poverty

Another appeal's coming out of Tasmania to the Federal Government to lift the Newstart Allowance to address the hardship being felt with rising cost of living.

The Department of Human Services website lists the single Newstart rate at around $269 a week, while the national minimum wage has just increased to $720 weekly.

Newstart hasn't increased in real terms for more than two decades and at less than $40 forty a day is widely considered less than what's needed for basic survival.

Anglicare Tasmania CEO Chris Jones told WIN about the harsh reality facing job seekers.

"What we've got now is Australians who actually are not able to afford to live properly, they are living in poverty."

He adds that being in a state of financial crisis is not preparing people for work.

"Newstart is to help people find work, the trouble for that in finding work is if they don't have somewhere to live that's secure, if they don't have enough money to feed themselves how are they really going to be ready to start work."

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