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"Times up" interest groups call for AirBnB data

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There are calls for AirBNB, Stayz and other short stay accommodation platforms to be good corporate citizens and make sure Tasmanian property owners are complying with local rules.

The state's leading housing and tourism bodies have called on the state government to release the data they have on the impact short stay accommodation is having on the housing crisis.

Doctor Katrina Stephenson from the Local Government Association says the companies themselves have a responsibility.

“Before they host a property they need to check that the property is compliant with the law, that it has a planning permit or similar.

"We really need the providers Stayz and Airbnb to provide detailed data, so that we can map where it is likely that short term accommodation is displacing longer term accommodation and exacerbating affordability issues," said Dr Stephenson.

A Government spokesman said it will release that data by the end of July 2018.

Last week, a report by UTAS study found a significant gap in Hobart's housing supply since 2016.

It revealed, AirBnB listings in the state rose by 144 per cent in the same time from just over 18 hundred to almost 45 hundred, and almost half were in Hobart.

Meanwhile, The Tasmanian Greens have put forward a motion to "pause" entire homes in Greater Hobart being listed on short-stay accommodation sites.

A motion will be tabled in Parliament with the Greens hoping to have support of the Tasmanian Labor Party.

This means, the deciding vote will lie with rogue Speaker of the House and Liberal member Sue Hickey.

It will be the real test of her loyalty to the state government since she blindsided her colleagues-voting with Labor and the Greens to become speaker of the house, ahead of the Premier's first choice, Rene Hiding.

The vote on the bill is expected late Wednesday afternoon.

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