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Petrol pain


It's forecast the sting at the fuel bowser in Tasmania is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

The days of a global glut are well and truly over as oil producing countries cut production to drive up the per barrel price.

The RACT's Darren Moody recommends getting used to it.

"I certainly don't see any short term relief in pricing, I think that it will stay where we are or we may see a few extra cents over the coming months, what it's likely to do in the Northern hemisphere Winter remains to be seen."

If you're treating your car to higher grades of fuel, even though its tuned to run on plain unleaded, the RACT suspects it is wasted money.

Cleaner burning 98 and 95 octane petrol do have detergent additives for cleaning your engine and can also reduce engine knock which can cause harm.

Darren suggests that with fuel prices in Tasmania at their highest in around four years, you might be best using the cheaper option.

"There really isn't any scientific evidence that you will get significantly increased mileage and given that it costs anywhere between nine and 13 cents per litre more than 91 (octane) fuel, my recommendation is if your car is designed to run on 91, run it on 91."

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