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West Coast rescue


Two divers are lucky to be alive after a rogue wave flipped their boat on the West Coast.

One of the men phoned for help near the mouth of Macquarie Harbour around 8.30 Thursday morning.

Tourist and fish farm vessels diverted to help in the search before police spotted the pair clinging to their capsized boat.

They were rescued unhurt.

Police are urging those on west coast waters to be extra mindful of potentially treacherous conditions, even in fair weather.

“I’d like to thank Tassal and Gordon River Cruises for providing their vessels, as well as the paying passengers on Spirit of the Wild that detoured from their cruise route to assist police in the search," said Constable Wayne Bradford. 

“The stricken vessel was carrying all the required safety equipment, but it was not readily accessible. Although the accident was caused by a rogue wave, the prevailing fair conditions assisted greatly with the location and rescue of the persons involved. Had the sea conditions been more difficult, the lack of access to the safety equipment would likely have impeded rescue attempts.

"Too often when I’m checking vessels safety equipment, it isn’t readily accessible. These fishermen were relatively experienced boaters and they still had a serious misadventure. I’d urge all fishers that travel to the West Coast to be extra mindful of the conditions over here, and make sure that the required safety equipment is not only carried on board, but kept in a readily accessible location.”

Image: AAP



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