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Criticism over MP's festival outing while on medical leave

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Labor claims a Hodgman Government MP's decision to attend the Taste of Tasmania while on indefinite medical leave does not pass the pub test.

A photo of Adam Brooks and his partner, Hobart City Alderman Tanya Denison, has appeared on social media, with pundits criticising him for getting out and about despite being too sick for Parliament.

Mr Brooks has been on indefinite, taxpayer-funded leave since late November after the release of integrity commission findings into his email misuse.

“The Liberals allowed this saga to drag on for two years and ultimately the Integrity Commission found Mr Brooks lied to the Premier, he lied to the Parliament and he lied to the people who put their trust in him by voting for him,” Labor's Shane Broad said.

“Premier Hodgman has failed to deliver punishment which matches the gravity of Mr Brooks’ actions in deliberately and deviously deleting emails from the business account he was still operating while he was the Mining Minister and then misleading the Parliament about it.

“The people of Braddon put their trust in Adam Brooks and that trust has been irreparably eroded.

“He has betrayed them with his devious conduct and to be absent from the Parliament and his duties since November on indefinite leave - but then to show up at Hobart social events at the same time - does not pass the pub test."

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