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Hipster generation driving Tasmania's tourism boom

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The hipster generation is driving the state's visitor boom, according to new statistics from the Tasmanian Visitor Survey for the 2017-18 financial year.

Number of visitors aged 25-34 rose by more than 5%, the highest increase of any age group.

The total number of visitors aged under 45 has increased by over 20% since 2014-15.

While the number of visitors aged 45 and over has grown by 9% since 2014-15.

Improved access to Tasmania has contributed, according to Tourism Industry Council’s CEO Luke Martin.

“New air links with places like Perth, Adelaide and the Gold Coast, as well as an increase in connections to Melbourne and Sydney means that it’s easier than ever to get to Tasmania,” he said.

Mr Martin said Tasmania is a “hipster paradise” and the fact visitors aged under 45 is booming “isn’t surprising”.

“There’s literally nowhere else on the planet where you can ride the world’s best mountain bike tracks in the morning, eat incredible, fresh, local food for lunch, see some of the world’s best art in the afternoon and finish the day at a craft brewery or winery or gourmet restaurant – all within an hour’s drive,” he said.

“Tasmania has always been the place to go to see fantastic areas and built heritage but now we are seeing more and more people come to Tasmania because the range of attractions and experiences has expanded and is second to done.”

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