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Plain-clothes police promise to join 'paddock pals' for festival

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As party-goers flock to the fields for the annual Party in the Paddock (PITP), so too will a fleet of plain-clothes and uniformed police, licensing officers, and drug-sniffing dogs. 

Tasmania Police are warning the 'paddock pals' that they will be out in force with a high police presence. 

The annual festival will see around 7500 youth make the pilgrimage to White Hills, near Launceston, from tomorrow until Saturday the 9th of February. 

Acting Inspector Dean McMahon said the police want everyone to have an enjoyable and safe festival. 

“That means: look after your friends, don’t drink and drive, don’t take drugs, be respectful to others and report any illegal or anti-social behaviour to police or event staff,” he cautioned. 

“This is a family friendly event and we will be patrolling the site to ensure everyone’s safety.”

Last year police conducted over 2000 random breath tests, charging 19 motorists with drink driving, while 14 drivers tested positive for illicit drugs. 

Twelve people were charged with selling drugs to festival-goers in the same year. 

“Our aim is to get everyone home safely and that includes testing drivers and removing those affected by alcohol and drugs from the roads,” said Acting Inspector McMahon. 

Tasmania Police are asking everyone to be respectful and considerate of others, particularly in the mosh pit. 

“While we appreciate that the majority of people attending the festival will behave responsibly, we reinforce to patrons not to let their behaviour ruin the event for others."


“As with previous years, we will conduct a number of random breath testing operations throughout the course of the event.”

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