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Saturday ferry floats the Hobart City Council's boat

Hobart Waterfront

The Hobart City Council will consider the implementation of a regular ferry service between Bellerive and the Hobart waterfront. 

However, the Sydney-reminiscent concept would be confined to weekends, with Lord Mayor Anna Reynolds stating public transport is the state government's domain. 

"We just don't have the budget or the jurisdiction to do [public transport], that's the responsibility of the State government," explained Alderman Reynolds, "however, we can trial things in the community and we can run small services."

"In the case of a service on a Saturday that would help bring people to our Salamanca market and it's at the level of budget that a local government would be able to support."

The push comes following a ferry service that eventuated out of a traffic necessity last month when Hobart's Bridge of Remembrance was installed, closing the Tasman highway over a weekend. 

"We were really pleased with the response we had to the ferry service a few weeks ago, more than 3000 journeys took place on the day," said Alderman Reynolds. 

"So we think it's worth investigating whether there is an interest in the summer on a Saturday on a more regular basis."

The Lord Mayor is thrusting support behind the idea, hoping it could revitalize Hobart's flailing CBD. 

"There's a real love affair in Hobart with ferries on the river, and I think if it runs on Saturdays during the Summer at an affordable price I think there would be a very strong ongoing interest."

Alderman Reynolds says while the Hobart City Council could support the concept on their own, she would love to see other councils, such as Clarence City, become involved.

"The more partners we can get around the service the more likely it is to be successful," she said. 

 FEATURE IMAGE: Denisbin on Flickr. CC 2.0.

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