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Royal Hobart Regatta Public Holiday might go



There is talk of potentially not having the Royal Hobart Regatta Public Holiday Monday anymore.

As the final day of the Regatta wraps up, organisers say they are looking at ways of sustaining and building the Regatta into the future.

Organiser Chris Lucas says the three-day weekend encourages people to leave the city, rather than visiting the event the public holiday is made for.

"Lots of people use the long weekend to go away and we find that quite frustrating for us because it's the Regatta Holiday but people use that long weekend to go and have fun, particularly on their boats."

"It's only a holiday in the southern part of the state. In the north, our crews for our rowing and our powerboats, they can't attend because it is not a long weekend in the north of the state," Ms Lucas said.

The Regatta, traditionally was on the Tuesday and has moved three times in its 181 years. Ms Lucas says it moved quite a few years ago to be in line with the Australian Wooden Boat Festival which runs every two years.

While no decision has been made, organisers say the committee will discuss the idea again this year.

"The last few years, we've been having this discussion as a committee and talking to our stakeholders about it. There's no decision been made but we will have a debrief after this Regatta and we will put it on the table again," Ms Lucas said.

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