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Ravenswood arson probe

Fire fighting

There's an urgent call for donations for two single mothers who've been left with nothing after their home was apparently firebombed at Ravenswood yesterday evening.

There's been around $200,000 damage to the Warring Street home.

Arson investigators are at the scene today.

Clothing's needed for two five-year-olds, a three-year-old and two one-year-olds.

Speaking on Tasmania Talks, this relative, Natalie Brown, says the situation is dire.

"Everything is completely gone, all that they've got is the clothes on their back," she told Brian Carlton. 

"One woman has three children and one woman has two, but there was only one woman and three children home at the time." 

Donations needed: 

Women's clothing size 16-18, shoe sizes 11 and 9
Girls clothing size 9-10 and 1, shoe sizes 11-12
Boys clothing size 3-4 and 2-3, shoe sizes 9 and 7. 

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