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Whelan FB page taken down after Anning 'like'


Former Liberal Candidate for Lyons Jessica Whelan at the Agfest agricultural show, Thursday, May 2, 2019. (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas) 

Former Liberal candidate Jessica Whelan is fending off suggestions she supports far-right senator, Fraser Anning.

The now-independent candidate for Lyons has liked a Facebook picture which shows a banner reading 'Vote 1 Fraser Anning - Greens + Labor last'.

whelan likes anning

The Facebook page of Ms Whelan appears to have been taken down overnight, although it's unclear whether this was the specific reason. 

Ms Whelan was forced to quit the Liberals after a series of anti-Muslim posts emerged online, some of which she denies making.

In response to the most recent incident, she says she likes many posts put on Facebook by other politicians and parties - and maintains it was not an endorsement of the controversial politician who blamed Muslims for the Christchurch massacre earlier this year. 

Mr Anning's new political party 'Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party' is running candidates in the Federal Election, including in here Tasmania. 

Bizarrely, corflutes showing the Liberals' previous endorsement of Jessica Whelan in Lyons are yet to be removed from various locations, particularly on the Midlands Highway. 

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