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No room for fire complacency: TFS

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A shed and its contents went up in flames overnight after strong winds whipped up a small burnoff.

Monday night proved a busy one for Tasman Peninsula fire crews as stiff winds whipped up an unattended pile of burning rubbish.

Boats, farming machinery and a shed were destroyed on Nubeena Road at Port Arthur, while crews at Campania also had to respond to an out-of-control fire.

The Fire Service says the smouldering remnants of a burnoff on Weavers Lane - lit a fortnight ago - also caught the wind before escaping onto a neighbouring property and tearing through up to 10 hectares.

Acting Regional Chief Dale Rayner is warning against complacency despite the fire permit period lapsing.

"The message for property owners is simple - don't light any fire, no matter how large or small, unless you are willing and able to keep it contained, understand the weather conditions, and have the necessary firefighting equipment nearby," he said. 

"Landowners must take responsibility for any fire they light. This includes extinguishing them before they are left unattended and patrolling them to ensure they don't escape.

"As a rule of thumb, fires should not be lit if winds are expected to be greater than 15km/h. If winds are forecast and a fire has been lit recently, that area should be monitored to ensure it doesn't flare up."

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