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AMA backs UTAS after Singapore snub

The Australian Medical Association's standing by the quality of Tasmania's medical training programme in the wake of Singapore refusing to allow graduates from here practising in the republic.

Although not affecting current students, the South East Asian island state has also shut the door on graduates from two other Australian universities.

AMA state Vice President John Davis does not regard it as any reflection on local standards.

"There's no question about the capacity, the ability and the standard of the University of Tasmania medical school with respect to its graduates and the care they provide the community, what's happened, we understand, is the Singapore government has unilaterally decided to retract from universities around the world."

Dr Davis believes there is no controlling Singapore's own choices.

"UTAS is not unique and nor are the other two universities in Australia, there are universities in America and elsewhere that have also had it withdrawn, so all I can say is the Singapore Government, for whatever reason, has decided to have more of its students trained in Singapore."



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