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5G going live


Hobart and Launceston residents will finally be able to take advantage of the early 5G rollout next Tuesday when the first retail devices capable of accessing the faster internet go on sale.

Telstra will sell a 5G capable phone and a hub, although the phone's $1500 price tag could deter all but the most eager early adopters.

There's presently patchy 5G coverage available in Launceston and Australian capitals including Hobart, with speeds up to 60 times faster than the present 4G mobile network. 

John Allan from Digital Tasmania says with few people using it initially, 5G should offer much faster speeds.

"If the football is on and everyone is on watching the live streaming of the football on their phone, for example, 5G offers a lot more bandwidth for those people to share," he said. 

Lifestyle tech expert Charlie Brown says it'll be a game changer. 

"You can connect up to 20 different devices to the hub via the wifi hotspot it puts out," he said. 

"For anybody that is wanting a fast, portable internet solution - you may live in an apartment, you might not want a fixed-line connection - this is going to solve a lot of problems for a lot of people." 

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