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Police warn drivers to obey road rules

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Tasmania Police has thanked members of the public for their assistance after four people were taken into custody over an alleged evading incident on Hobart's Eastern Shore this morning.

Police rushed to the East Derwent Highway, spiking a red lancer after it had allegedly evaded officers. The rescue helicopter was also called in to help.

The vehicle was known to police having allegedly been involved in numerous evades over the past 48 hours.

Meanwhile, a 19-year-old Devonport man has been disqualified from driving and had his vehicle clamped after he was allegedly detected driving around 60kms above the limit on the Bass Highway.

Around 10.35pm on Wednesday, police detected a blue 2000 Subaru Liberty being driven in excess of 160km/hour on the Bass Highway between Leith and the Lillico straight.

The man was the holder of a novice P1 licence with a maximum speed restriction of 100km in 110km speed zones.

He was fined $937.25, had his vehicle clamped for 28 days and will be subject to a minimum driving disqualification of seven months.

Police say with winter upon us, motorists are reminded that all road rules must be obeyed and to modify their driving according to the prevailing weather conditions.

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