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Launceston Skyway grand plan

Gondolas drifting high over Launceston's Cataract Gorge is a $20 million vision publicly released today.

The Launceston Skyway will have 24 gondolas, each carrying up to eight people, travelling nearly 1.5 kilometres between towers on the route.

Proponent David Larter from the family which established the current chairlift in the gorge, read out commissioned research on the estimated spin-off.

"The Launceston Skyway development is expected to attract an additional 11,000 visitor nights in 2021, these will generate an additional $1.5 million in visitor expenditure in that year, that impact would increase to an additional 25,000 visitor nights by 2030, this would increase the visitor spend to $3.4 million in that year."

He also detailed how the project, if approved by Launceston City Council, would create 38 full time jobs in the construction phase and once completed would produce an extra 17 full time jobs.

It would be one of only three gondola in the sky experiences of its type in the world to meet the more contemporary expectations of the increasing number of tourists.

The 25 minute ride would cost around $26 per adult.

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