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Teen sex man up for parole

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It's not clear when a man who injected a teenage girl with ice before having sex with her in a public area will be freed from prison.

A jury recently cleared Chauncy Aaron Bell of rape, but found him guilty of unlawful sexual intercourse with the 15-year-old at New Town in October 2018. 

The 35-year-old has also been convicted on a charge of supplying a controlled substance to a child. 

The court heard he walked off after the encounter, leaving the child in the dark with no money, shoes, transport and a flat mobile phone. 

In sentencing on Tuesday, Chief Justice Alan Blow recounted her ordeal afterwards.  

"She went back to the house. She did not get much help there. She spoke to two other men. One of them gave her $1 and directed her to the phone box in an adjacent street. One of them swore at her and told her to leave, which she did," he said. 

"...by the time she got to the phone box, as a result of the Ice that you had injected, and the situation that she had been left in, she was in a terrible state. And we have seen that in the video footage that came from the camera that the female police officer was wearing when she attended at about 2am. The girl remained hysterical for a long time. The events of the night became, for her, a terrible and frightening experience, and it would not have been like that but for the injection of the drug."

With time already served, he's now eligible for parole from a 14-month sentence.


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