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Paedophile's statue name removal

Three northern Tasmanian statues will have a child molester's name deleted.

In December 2016, John Millwood was sentenced to four years jail for sexually abusing a boy for six years in the 1980's, and was paroled in March this year, despite advice from a clinical psychologist as the predator allegedly suggested public concern around child sex abuse was "flavour of the month." 

Millwood, who was a well known arts patron in Launceston, has his name appearing on monuments. 

The Northern Midlands Council will erase the paedophile's name from a statue plaque in Campbell Town and two of them in Evandale including a sculpture of John Glover which some suggest bears a striking likeness to Millwood.

The 73 year old's parole conditions include a ban on returning to the Launceston area where his victim lives.

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