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Height restrictions voted down


The push for building height limits in Hobart has grinded to a halt, at least for now.

A maximum building height of 60 metres in the CBD was debated by Hobart City Council last night, but eventually narrowly lost 6 votes to 5.

That's a despite a non-binding elector poll earlier this year showing 77 percent of respondents in favour of restrictions.

Alderman Simon Behrakis says common sense prevailed.

“Tonight’s decision to stick with the plan is a win for sound policy making, and maintains the agreement entered into between the City of Hobart and the State Government to jointly prepare a plan for our city which incorporates the social, economic and environmental impacts on our City of any of our decisions. It has been extremely disappointing however to see that once again anti-development lobby groups and some Councillors have attempted to push this through Council even after repeated decisions on this issue in the last six months indicating the Council’s decision to seek more information,” he said. 

“Rather than rushing into a decision, what we have done is recommitted to doing the work to ensure that we are making policy choices that are backed by sound research so that we can best balance the need to protect important heritage and residential amenity with the need to allow Hobart to grow to meet increasing demand and economic activity.” 

“We have taken the concerns of the public on board, and we will be sure to take them into consideration along with the expert research to ensure the best possible outcome,” Alderman Behrakis concluded.  

 Image: Height was one of the reasons HCC knocked back the Welcome Stranger development in June. 

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