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Meteor dazzles Tassie sky


Social media has lit up - quite literally - as Tasmanians were treated to a dazzling meteor last night.

The north-west was the prime viewing location to see the fireball, but it was also sighted from Cradle Mountain, the south, and across the Bass Strait in Victoria.

Locals witnessed the sound and light show at around 8:30 last night as small, burnt up particles rained down after exploding in the atmosphere.

Shevill Mathers from Southern Cross Observatory says the meteor was likely made-up of iron. 

"It was a blinding flash of light, strong enough to cast shadows and the sound from the explosion was heard from a long way away," he said. 

Mr Mathers believes it could be part of the ‘Epsilon Perseids’ meteor shower, but says viewings in Tasmania are few and far between.

"I've been trying to observe these phenonenoms for the last 50 years and haven't seen anything really spectacular so you're very lucky to be in the right place at the right time," he said.

 Image: Dashcam footage sent in on social media (Simon Campbell). 

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