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International Restart a Heart Day

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Today is Restart a Heart Day, which encourages more Australians to learn the signs of cardiac arrest and how to perform life-saving resuscitation.  

Each year in Australia about 20-thousand people have a cardiac arrest out of hospital, but only 10 per-cent of them survive. Research indicates that about 41 percent of people who have a cardiac arrest outside of hospital receive CPR from bystanders, friends and family. It takes just three minutes for brain damage to set in, showing just how crucial CPR is.

Michael Weeding from Ambulance Tasmania has told Tasmania Talks the first few minutes of a cardiac arrest are critical for survival.

"When someone has a cardiac arrest, or when their heart stops, we really have about a seven to ten percent decreased chance of that person surviving every minute that goes by of not doing anything. Bystander intervention is really crucial for that person." 

Michael Weeding also took the time to remind people that any attempt to save a life is better than doing nothing.

"You've got to remember that if someone's heart stops, they are clinically dead at that point. This is only going to go one way if someone doesn't intervene, so any attempt is literally better than no attempt." 

Everyone is being urged to refresh their CPR skills, as it may help save a life.

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