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Glenara Lakes lapses laid bare

Shortcomings at Youngtown's Glenara Lakes aged care home have been sifted through for day two of the Tasmanian leg of the Royal Commission.

The wife of one of the residents has portrayed a neglectful scenario around her husband's fluid intake, to the extent he slipped into acute delirium caused by dehydration.

Judith King recounted on one occasion last year, her husband Neville had become agitated during an outing due to his Huntington's Disease, but she was assured his medications had been administered.

"I spoke to the registered nurse on duty and I was assured that nurse had given him those medications at 4.30pm and he'd done it personally and I said to him well that's interesting because I took Neville out at 3pm, he wasn't there and the drugs were signed for, the drugs were not administered."

Judith detailed a distressing story surrounding Neville's birthday this year, where he seemingly hadn't been washed for days despite suffering incontinence

"The stench of urine in the car was shocking, we got over to Evandale market and I was getting him a coffee and I had to have all the windows in the car open because the smell was so strong, I checked all his clothes were dry, his pull up was dry, so this was stale, residual urine on his skin."

Former facility manager Helen Marshall has told the hearing about her departure due to operator Southern Cross Care's cost cutting.

"I said that I couldn't compromise any more staffing cuts, I couldn't compromise the quality of care to the residents at Glenara Lakes and I actually said if I have to cut one more hour I will go...and go I did."

Southern Cross Care Chief Executive Richard Sadek expressed remorse at the Royal Commission.

"I'd like to apologise to those residents and their relatives who have experienced the circumstances that have been portrayed here at the Commission, we're not about providing poor care."

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