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Partnership to help animals in need


Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary has partnered with Wildcare Tasmania, a not-for-profit charity which brings together volunteers and donors to care for the state's wildlife.

Wildcare has gifted $40,000 to Bonorong to boost the 24-hour rescue phone service.

Director of Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, Greg Irons says the number of animals needing rescue or rehabilitation is growing every year.

“Calls to our wildlife service have been increasing dramatically in recent years. It's about 1,000 more calls each year. There are also increasing expenses to treat the wildlife that comes in through the service, means that funding for the phone is crucial and will free up much needed funds to use elsewhere, such as in the vet service in the wildlife hospital,” he said.

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The Wildcare Gift Fund has 12 different causes that people may donate to - Bonorong is one of the causes that Wildcare collects donations for.

"Tasmania’s wildlife needs our help and the Bonorong rescue service do a wonderful job. Wildcare is about helping people make practical and positive contributions to Tasmania’s environment and we are happy to help," Sharon Smith, Wildcare Tasmania's CEO said.

People can help directly by making a donation to the Wildcare Gift Fund.

Images: Olivia Hicks 

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