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St Helens to host global event

Mountain Bike

Tasmania's North East coast will play host to an international mountain biking event next month.

The Dragon Trail will bring more than 300 riders from Australia and around the world to St Helens on March 26 to 28.

Break O’Day Mayor Mick Tucker says riders will compete in a three day staged race through the Tasmanian wilderness.

"It will start up around Branxholm through to St Helens, there will be quite a large event which will finish at Weldborough Hotel on the first night, and then there will be two days at St Helens doing all of our trails. The one that is world-class already is the Blue Tier descent to the Bay of Fires."

He says organisers are anticipating the St Helens tracks to be world-leading.

"It's going to be one of the best, that's what we're working towards and obviously the people that are running this, they are confident that this will be one of the very best areas in the world to ride," he said.

Riders and journalists have booked the event from countries including UK, Japan, New Zealand and South Africa.

Australia’s most successful paralympian and 11-time medallist Michael Milton OAM is expected to attend.

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