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Forest war of words


The state-owned logger is lashing out at claims it's been forced to pull out of a West Coast forest.

The forest wars reignited last week, after Sustainable Timbers Tasmania sent a contractor to harvest a few dozen specialty species trees out of a coupe at Que River.

Several Bob Brown Foundation activists have been arrested and charged after engaging in traditional tactics like equipment lockdowns and tree sits, but the Foundation is now claiming victory after STT announced there were no further plans to log in the area this summer.

"Despite the fact that Suss Timbers Tasmania has decided that this logging is too contentious and they don't want to continue with logging in these forests, we're very worried that we don't have any commitment that the Tarkine does need protection," said the Foundation's Jenny Weber. 

However, STT is accusing the Foundation of deliberate misrepresentation, saying the protests had nothing to do with the withdrawal.

"The remaining tasks to be completed now include timber processing, as well as rehabilitation work, which protects soil and water values prior to the forest workers leaving the site," said an STT spokesperson. 

"The presence of protesters on site continues to hamper these important rehabilitation efforts from being done in a safe and efficient manner."

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