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A report out today confirms the Launceston General Hospital has the worst emergency department bed block in Australia, with the Royal Hobart rated the nation's third-worst.

Independent health policy analyst Martyn Goddard says our hospitals have enough staff to treat up to another 25,000 admitted patients each year, but there simply aren't enough beds.

He says only 10 new beds will open in the Royal's new K Block.

"There is room there for 250 extra beds in K Block at the Royal Hobart Hospital. The government is putting in 44, of those only 10 are actually going to be new beds, the rest will be transferred from elsewhere in the hospital," he said.

"The state needs about 300 extra hospital beds to restore the level of capability it had a decade ago. Tasmania needs 50 more beds each year to keep up with rising demand," Mr Goddard added.

It comes as the State Government announced health system management changes, which its hoping will bring about improvements and efficiencies, but Mr Goddard says the changes won't go far enough.

President of AMA Tasmania, Professor John Burgess is supportive of the streamlining to improve accountability, having also commended the government for its recent extra funding into the system.

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